Mitt Romney Says He is Sorry for Pranks

By admin | 7 years ago

On Thursday, Mitt Romney apologized for pranks he participated in during high school that may have gone too far. One of the incidents included him pinning a fellow student down and helping to cut his hair.

The Republican Party presumptive presidential nominee made the remarks in response to a published article in The Washington Post. The article documented an episode with accounts from classmates of Romney’s at Cranbrook Schools located in Michigan.

“While in high school, I was involved in some dumb things and if it hurt or offended anyone I apologize,” said Romney during an interview on the radio. Romney added, “I took part in a lot of pranks while attending high school and some of them apparently went too far.”

The campaign for Romney scheduled the interview on the radio to respond to the report in the newspaper. The incident involving the cutting of one student’s hair, took place a long time ago said Romney. The student, John Lauber, was suspected to be gay.

Romney said he did not remember the incident and he said he did not think the student was gay. He said that type of thing was not on the minds of anyone in the 1960s. Romney married his sweetheart from high school a then went on a mission for the Mormons to France following his graduation from high school.

He said he hoped that people would focus on issues he said that were bigger like the economy, labor, energy and the development of nuclear warheads by Iran.

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