MLB Trade Rumors: St. Louis Cardinals Showing Interests in Corey Dickerson, Charlie Blackmon?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
MLB Trade Rumors: St. Louis Cardinals Showing Interests in Corey Dickerson, Charlie Blackmon?
Corey Dickerson

MLB Trade Rumors have suggested that Corey Dickerson and Charlie Blackman from the Colorado Rockies are being pursued by the St. Louis Cardinals.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Benjamin Hochman has reported that it is quite likely that these two outfielders will be targeted by the Redbirds in the trade rather than Carlos Gonzalez.

Earlier, Fox Sport’s Jon Morosi had reported that Colorado and St. Louis might come to an agreement on a potential deal. Morosi wrote that Cardinals might be interested in signing one of the outfielders of the Rockies. It can be a sensible move for this team for including an outfielder after Jason Heyward was sent to Chicago during the offseason.

It is rumored that 3 of its outfielders are being shopped by the Colorado. St. Louis might not feel it a sensible option to rope in Carlos Gonzalez. CarGo is being linked to various clubs during this winter. However, it does not look like the Rockies will bring down his price tag.


Gonzalez, 30, had succumbed to several injuries during his career span. Dickerson and Blackmon are preferred options to the team rather than CarGo.

But it is also true, that both these players have their own limitations. Blackmon’s performances off his home field have been simply overwhelming.

Dickerson, 26, has to deal with his weak throwing arm and could be a costly affair in the trade as this season was more promising then Blackmon. But it is also true that Blackmon is regarded as a better all rounder out of the all the three outfielders.


According to the Gospel Herald, MLB Trade rumors have also indicated that it is not know till now whether Rockies would prefer to come back from this possible trade. It was hinted by Hochman that in case Cards pursued his deal with the Colorado, there could be an involvement of Matt Adams.

The former baseman would be definitely a preferred name compared to the latter but it is also true that Moss is more versatile.

Photo Source: Wikimedia/Corey Dickerson

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