MNG Official Apology to Mr. Neil Gaiman

By MNG Editorial Team | 2 years ago

To Mr. Neil Gaiman,


Movie News Guide and its Editorial staff would like to extend our deepest apologies for the error made in the article “Starz ‘American Gods’ Criticized For Casting Ricky Whittle As Shadow; Book Author, Producers Defend Decision.” We admit fault for the information we have published, the data and statements our writer has gathered were out of context.

We assure you and the public that MNG is taking this matter seriously and we will take all important steps to make sure this will never happen again. The writer and editor of the post have been reprimanded and we will make our own investigations about this issue.

To Mr. Ricky Whittle, the show’s producers, and to Starz, we apologize for what has been reported. We admit negligence for the faulty reporting and have reproofed the people responsible for this.

To the reading public, we also apologize for the errors made by the article. We will make sure that nothing but credible information will be published on our website.

We also apologize for the link that is still up right now. We have notified our tech team to completely remove the link that have offended Mr. Neil Gaiman, Ricky Whittle, the fans, and everyone affected.

The situation has deeply humbled us and we will ensure that this will never occur again.



MNG Editorial Team

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