Mob Wives Cast Update: Big Ang Fears Her Second Surgery

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Mob Wives Cast Update: Big Ang Fears Her Second Surgery

Angela “Big Ang” Raiola from VH1’s “Mob Wives” was reported on different sources to have a lot going on despite her recent throat surgery. The Daily News exclusively interviewed Big Ang for updates regarding her recovery. Read on for details.

The 54-year-old reality TV diva was already busy serving delicious food for her family, checking the renovation of her home at Staten Island and attending fundraising events. However, Big Ang admitted to The Daily News that she felt like she was in “The Twilight Zone.” She revealed that she was on the second stage of throat cancer.

Big Ang explained that she experienced pain on her throat in March 2015. The intense pain went on for days until she visited a specialist who informed her that she had tumor. She was told that an urgent operation is needed or she would suffocate.

A month after diagnosis, Big Ang undergone an eight-hour surgery to remove the tumor and all lymph nodes at the left side of her neck. She revealed that she still needs to undergo another surgery to remove the remaining lymph nodes. Hopefully, there will be no cancer cells or else, radiation treatment begins.

Big Ang expressed her fear for the next surgery.

“Plastic surgery? OK, 20 years ago. But as I got older, I got scared. I hate anesthesia,” Big Ang admitted.

Big Ang already has five grandchildren. Interestingly, her grandson Anthony was supposedly born at the same time as her stay in the hospital. However, he was born immediately after Big Ang was discharged.

“I swear that baby waited for her to get home,” says Big Ang’s best friend, Jennifer Patafio.

There is no official announcement yet regarding the exact date of Season 6 premiere.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Mob Wives

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