Mob Wives Cast Update: Big Ang’s Hair Makeover after Throat Surgery

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Mob Wives Cast Update: Big Ang’s Hair Makeover after Throat Surgery

Angela Raiola’s powerful-sounding “Mob Wives” nickname, Big Ang, reflects on her fighting spirit to recover fast from a major operation. Recently, TMZ reporters spotted her with a new look and a smiling face as she posed with a fan for a photo. Read on for details.

Big Ang already managed to go out publicly with her new blonde hair. Last Saturday, Apr. 25, 2015, she looked healthy while greeting a fan outside a restaurant in Red Bank, New Jersey. She was wearing a fancy neckerchief to probably hide the scars from the operation.

Just weeks before her recent public appearance, the previously raven-haired reality star has undergone throat surgery to remove a lemon-sized tumor. Insiders claimed that Big Ang decided to change after being diagnosed with cancer.

Enstarz previously reported that shortly after the surgery, Big Ang posted a colorful “Thank you” photo on Instagram for her fans, friends and family for their “love, concern, thoughts, prayers, well wishes and helpful notes.” It was considered as her first online appearance after a long hiatus.

“It hasn’t been an easy road, but it’s comforting knowing you don’t have to travel it alone,” Big Ang wrote on the caption.

In the first week of April, Big Ang was brought to a hospital in Staten Island after experiencing pain on her neck. She was later diagnosed with throat cancer. Thankfully, an eight-hour long surgery successfully removed the tumor and managed to save Big Ang’s voice. Aside from the tumor, the surgeons also removed Big Ang’s lymph nodes to be safer.

Big Ang’s sister, Janine Detore, was the one giving updates regarding the reality star’s surgery. She said that her sister was instructed to never speak for three days. After the designated number of days, she explained that Big Ang’s voice would be back to normal.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Mob Wives


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