‘Mob Wives’ Season 6 Spoilers: Natalie Guercio Fired From The VH1 Series? Karen Gravano And Big Ang Excited?

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
‘Mob Wives’ Season 6 Spoilers: Natalie Guercio Fired From The VH1 Series? Karen Gravano And Big Ang Excited?
Natalie Guercio

While there had been rumors that Natalie Guercio has been fired from the TV series “Mob Wives,” the reality star continues to disagree with that. She hopes that she will return for the season 6 even though she has not received any confirmation from the VH1 producers. Read on for more details.

According to Yibada, Guercio expressed her excitement in a tweet about her upcoming appearance in the season 6 of “Mob Wives.” Even though most of her fans are expecting more from her in the series, some do not believe that she will appear in the season 6.

Her fellow “Mob Wives” co-stars declared that Guercio’s removal was due to her attitude. Karen Gravano claimed that her “racist comments in the previous season have made the show producers to not include her in the season 6.”

The grudge between Guercio and Gravano is well known.Reality Tea reported that Gravano has always criticized Natalie Guercio’s for her attitude. She also blamed Guercio for creating a fake blog for assaulting her haters. She further added that she wonders how Guercio was able to remain in the series in spite of her ridiculous attitude.

In fact, reports clearly say that Gravano is not the only co-star who is blaming Guercio. Big Ang, who seems to be very happy about the news, said that Guercio has a disgusting attitude, sending erroneous message to the fans. She also added that Guercio’s drama led the them to forget what the show is actually about.

Meanwhile, Enstars reported that Gravano and Big Ang’s sister, Janine are having a fight. On Twitter, Janine knocked Gravano for calling her sister Big Ang a ‘rat.’

As of now, there is no surprise when season 6 spoilers disclosed that Natalie Guercio would not return in the “Mob Wives” show, as she might be one of the most hated characters in the VH1 reality show.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Natalie Guercio

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