‘Mob Wives’ Star Natalie Guercio Thinks of Quitting the Show [WATCH VIDEO]

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
‘Mob Wives’ Star Natalie Guercio Thinks of Quitting the Show [WATCH VIDEO]

Natalie Guercio obviously had a rough time on “Mob Wives” — the public criticized her as a mother and a person, her boyfriend was slashed on the face and she had numerous catfights with co-stars. She recently admitted in an interview with VladTV about the possibility that she would quit the show. Read on for further details.

One of Guercio’s biggest struggles being a reality TV star is the bad impression of people around her. However, she is thankful for her hometown supporters. She claimed that they are proud of her for making it on TV.

Interestingly, Guercio shared that moving from Philadelphia to Staten Island was difficult because first of all, she was having a hard time looking for an apartment that would allow filming inside. She explained that most apartments there did not want cameras around. She said that there is a law in New York that one cannot make another person be accountable for their work.

“They would Google the show, they would Google me and it’s like, what the hell – it’s like a job!” Guercio told VladTV.

Guercio said that she received a lot of love from people in Philadelphia. She even talked about people who told her to “kick Karen’s ass.” When the show took a worse approach, she admitted to regret participating in it because of harsh criticisms from viewers and co-stars. Thankfully, she said that Philly does not stop believing in her. She claimed that her fans knew her better than what media has been portraying her.

The reality star said that she is still weighing her decision. She said that viewers want her to quit the show for “bigger, better things.” Another possible factor for her to leave the show is the new co-star Natalie DiDonato. She claimed that Philly dislikes DiDonato. She said she does not want to be associated with her.

However, there are two factors that can stop Guercio. Number one, she said she never quits. Next, she is open to discuss money matters with producers.

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Watch Guercio’s interview on VladTV below:

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