Model Claims To be Drugged In Justin Bieber Party

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Model Claims To be Drugged In Justin Bieber Party

A Melbourne-based model, Bailey Scarlett faced some unpredicted trouble last week at a recording studio in Melbourne. The troublesome incident took place in the party where Bieber and his crew landed with a purpose. The “What Do You Mean” singer was scheduled to play a rooftop show for Fox FM on Tuesday.

Scarlett claimed that she attended the industry event where she poured herself a drink of vodka and lemonade but set the cocktail down when she went to chat with some fellow guests. It’s said that not long after leaving her drink unsupervised, the New Zealand-born model felt her drink has been spiked.

The Australian beauty has reported on Twitter that she felt light-headed and suffered “blurred vision” after drinking from her glass. She did not forget to comment that it was the teenage superstar who comforted her when she lost her composition. Well, the Canadian hit maker will be all set to perform multiple shows in Australia that include his Bieber Island gig in Sydney on Wednesday evening.

However, the model added she was crying and went outside the premise to get some fresh air. Her condition worsened as she stepped out and then prompted a concern. This issue calls for an investigation and later found a different direction as Scarlett deactivates her Twitter account instantly after this. The medical support was summoned straight away after the event. Australian police has advised the alleged victim to lodge a complaint after Scarlet was primarily taken to a local hospital. Interestingly, she has not yet placed any official report of this sort. Law enforcement officials have since confirmed they may carry on the investigation.

Others including the questionable Down Under Studio owner are straight away disputing her accusation of being drugged. Although it is reported that due to legal reasons, she has made the unflattering post private in her social media sight. Well, we really doubt it. The report is, she has been forced to do it after she received a backlash from Bieber’s fans that do not pay heed in this colorful story.

The producer of Ginger Studios, Jimmy Wyatt, reportedly has reviewed surveillance footage and asserted Scarlett’s drink was never tampered with during her appearance at the party. According to him the footage from the party shows that her cup was visible the whole time and never touched. But the event organizer, Alex McDonnell, admitted that the model suffered a panic attack after ingesting the drink. We are waiting to hear Bieber’s comment on this issue.

Photo Source: Facebook/Justin Bieber

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