Modern Family Co-creator Hints At Taking Story Forward

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Modern Family Co-creator Hints At Taking Story Forward
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Modern Family has been renewed for a ninth and tenth season. After a glorious end to the eighth season, it is interesting to see what happens next.

Recently, the show’s co-creator Steve Levitan offered a little update as to what will the new season be about.

Steve Levitan’s update

According to Variety, during a panel, Levitan stated that a writer’s room will soon be up and running to discuss the upcoming ninth season.

The co-creator also said that in a month’s time, he and the other writers will sit down and talk about how they want the story to progress.

While he did not offer many details on their plans for the new season, he did mention that it would look into Luke and Manny leaving their homes and going off to college.

Since the two young boys graduated high school in the eighth season’s finale, the ninth would begin with them first. He also stated that since the cast cannot stay young forever, the show has to change accordingly.

Season 9 events

Going by the update that Levitan offered, the ninth season could begin quite similar to when Haley and Alex were leaving for college. It included emotional moments and how things were going to change in the Dunphy household.

Phil and Claire remained strong as they dealt with the fact that their little girls were not little anymore. However, this time with Luke and Manny leaving for college, it would not just be the Dunphy household but the Pritchett household as well that will be going through this big change.

This is the last Dunphy kid leaving home so the rest of the ninth season could focus on Phil and Claire having more time to themselves as a couple. The could start travelling like Phil once suggested.

The Pritchett household, on the other hand, still has little Joe to take care of so once Manny goes off to college, Jay and Gloria will still have their hands full with their young son.

Season 8 recap

The recently concluded season was yet another adventure for the Dunphy-Pritchett-Tucker clan as each of the families was busy with their escapades. From the Dunphy’s trip to New York City to the boys preparing to send applications to college, it perfectly captured how the family is moving ahead with time.

Also, the fact that the family still comes together on different occasions is one thing that has remained constant since the first season.

Returning cast

The aforementioned source reported that a new cast contract would be signed soon since the current cast’s contract expired with the recently concluded eighth season.

Going by the events and Levitan’s update, fans should expect to see the entire cast return in the ninth season.


No official synopsis has been reported for the ninth season yet but with writers starting work on it soon, the coming few months might just offer an update about it.

Release date

No release date for the ninth season has been revealed yet. It remains to be seen when will the network make an official announcement.


Photo source: Facebook/Modern Family

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