Modern Family Season 6 Finale Recap

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Modern Family Season 6 Finale Recap
69th Annual Golden Globes Awards./Cast of Modern Family

Modern Family” Season 6 finale “American Skyper” revolved around Alex’s graduation after-party at Jay and Gloria’s house where the whole family is put up, except for Phil who got stuck in Seattle. Just like the previous seasons and episodes of the show, this tackled misunderstandings/miscommunications that was lovingly and wittingly resolved by the cast.

Thanks to Andy, he managed to get Phil through an iPad and a Segway so that Phil can celebrate with them even if he’s in Seattle. Mitch has been hiding something from Cam. He has lost his job and he’s been looking for a new job opportunity for a month now.

He pretends to go to work but every day he just goes to the park and meets up with a guy named Spencer, with whom he plays checkers with every single day together along with Spencer’s bird named George. Cam has been sensing something odd about Mitch especially when he found a text message from someone named Spences and a hotel receipt. At first he was really convinced that Mitch is cheating on him and he confronted him about it.

Mitch explained it to him, which was really funny and in the end, Cam said that he doesn’t have to worry about him losing his job because for sure he’ll find a new one.

As for Andy and Haley, Andy told Phil that he is planning to propose to Beth that day. In fact, Beth arrived at the party. Phil told him to go for it even though Andy told him about another girl whom he feels he has a connection with. Still, Phil urged him to propose to Beth. It was too late when he realized that Andy was actually pertaining to Haley! He tried to take back what he said but it was too late because Andy left with Beth and Haley closed the door, looking disappointed.

As for Alex, if you’re worried that you won’t be seeing her next season, well, thanks to Phil’s addiction to Facetime and other form of social media, it looks like we are going to see more of Alex and there’s holidays and vacations as well.

See you this fall Pritchetts and the whole gang!

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