Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Closets? You’ll Love It!

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Closets? You’ll Love It!
Cast of Modern Family at the 69th Annual Golden Globes Awards in 2012.

This week on “Modern Family” Season 6, Episode 17 “Closets? You’ll Love It!”, Phil, Manny and Luke dealt with a peeping Tom in Jay’s neighborhood. While Haley finally realized her feelings for Andy, Jay promoted his business by having another TV commercial and Lily had a talent show in school that Cam and Mitch are so nervous about. Read below for the full recap.

Jay was in a bad mood. His business rival came up with a very catchy commercial so he decided to make one too. Claire was up for it until his dad told her that they are going to use their old slogan that he used years ago. However, Claire thinks that it’s not a good idea, but stubborn Jay still went on with it. Finally, Claire confronted Jay about this and he felt bad afterward.

Cam has always been the musical one. Lily was up for a talent show where she needs to sing. Mitch and Cam were worried because Lily is tone deaf and they even practiced before they left the house. Left with no choice, they proceeded to the talent show and Lily backed out, but they didn’t let her at first. It was until their rivals took their daughter out of the show only did they take Lily out of the show as well.

In Jay’s neighborhood, there was a peeping Tom who uses a drone to spy on Gloria when she’s out sunbathing. Apparently, Phil, Luke and Manny were set to swim on their house that day that they caught the drone spying on Gloria. Phil tried to sabotage it but only fell off the pool with his pants off. Unfortunately, the drone was able to catch everything on cam and posted it on YouTube. Luke showed the video to Phil and that’s when they decided to catch the drone with Luke acting as Gloria. However, they were unsuccessful. Gloria solved the drone problem by pulling out a gun and fired it at the drone.

Haley and Andy are good friends and Andy was anticipating the arrival of his girlfriend, Beth. However, Haley was doubtful about Beth and even questioned Andy is she’s even real and Andy said yes. Later that day, Andy was rushed to the hospital for appendicitis and Haley visited him. While there, Andy was sleeping, heavily medicated and Haley sat beside the hospital bed and poured out her feelings for Andy. Then Beth showed up and Haley was disappointed so she left. Andy opened his eyes and was staring at the door, looking sad. Turns out, he heard the whole thing.

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