Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Connection Lost

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Connection Lost
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Modern Family” Season 6, Episode 16 “Connection Lost” dealt with technology from Claire’s laptop and it was one of the best episodes ever.

Claire’s in Chicago, but she dropped her phone in the toilet, and so she messaged Haley and told her about what happened. She also thinks that Haley’s still mad at her. After that, she Facetime-d Phil who was clueless in regards to the whereabouts of Alex and Luke. Alex then told Claire to check out the college application essay that she sent her.

Claire is still bothered that Haley is still mad at her and so she watched the video again of her and Haley fighting wherein she noticed that Haley left pickles and ice cream in the kitchen and left the garbage because she didn’t like the smell. Quite panicky already, she called up Jay who’s still clueless when it comes to technology and saw that Luke was getting a haircut from Gloria. Before she could react, she remembered that it was Mitch’s birthday, and so she Facetime-d him to greet him while Mitch complains how ugly the hat Cam got him.

Cam told Claire that Haley borrowed Mitch’s suit for a friend’s wedding, and then reminded Claire to get him popcorn. Upon hearing what Cam told her, she logged into her fake Facebook account and checked out Haley’s profile. She was shocked to see that she changed her relationship status to “married.” Claire being herself called everyone up to ask where Haley is and everyone told her that Haley was with Dylan. She called up Dylan and realized that she’s not Haley’s groom.

She wasn’t done getting to the bottom of things that she signed into Haley’s iCloud and found out that Haley’s phone was in Vegas and searched the exact location. Claire found out that Haley’s outside a wedding chapel. She’s really freaking out now.

Claire called back Gloria and was surprised that Luke has now a Mohawk and then called Phil who wanted to call up his magician friends in Vegas for help. Later on, Claire learned that it was Andy who was in Vegas and actually borrowed Jay’s cufflinks for a wedding.

Back at the Dunphy’s, Phil answered the door and received a package from a postman for Haley and found a book titled “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” when he opened it. Claire was already freaking out because she thought that Haley’s pregnant and she’s been acting “pregnant” lately and now she’s in Vegas with Andy.

It turns out that all along, Haley was sleeping in the house and the reason her phone was in Vegas was because she left it in Andy’s car and her relationship status on Facebook was all because she had a Cronut with Andy the other night and loved it so much that she joked she could marry it. The book was for her boss who’s doing a maternity line and wanted to see what pregnant women want during this time. Haley asked Claire why she knows so much and Claire, not wanting to get busted pretended that the call was breaking up and hung up. After that, she read Alex’s college essay, but got distracted, and just sent Alex a message that she loved the essay. Then she went on Pinterest.

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