Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Fight or Flight

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Fight or Flight
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A baby shower for Sal, Manny and Jay teams up to fight a bully, Phil and Claire’s flight home and Alex and Haley helping Luke out with his “girl problems” in “Modern Family” Season 6, Episode 15 “Fight or Flight.” Read below for the full recap.

The Dunphy’s were on a plane. Phil and Claire were seated next to each other until a free upgrade was then offered. Claire took leaving Phil behind, upset. However, Phil tried to be more rational by thinking that Claire deserves it after spending the week in the woods with his friends. Claire got a seat next to a woman named Dana and they hit it off immediately. She was so happy at first because the trip became more bearable with a seatmate like Dana. It was until she heard her talking over the phone and realized that she wasn’t who she thought she was.

Meanwhile, Phil was in the middle of beside an overweight passenger until to his surprise an attractive female masseuse sat beside him and told the big guy on the other side that he was seated on the wrong seat. Then a man named Edward LeGrand took the big guy’s seat. It turns out that Edward is a magician. All throughout the flight, he showed Phil some magic tricks and we all know how Phil loves magic. To put the cherry on top, he was being massaged by the female masseuse as well while learning some awesome card tricks. Since Claire wasn’t having fun, she asked Phil if he wants to switch seats and Phil lied saying that it’s chaotic down there.

In other news, Mitch and Cam together with Pepper and other friends hosted Sal’s baby shower. When Sal arrived, they were all surprised how much motherhood has changed her for the better. She was more concerned with baby food and other stuff. It hit Mitch and Cam how much they miss the old Sal, but they think that the new Sal is better now. It was since she’s having a baby until Sal ran away from her own baby shower. That’s when they realized she hasn’t changed at all. Mitch, Ca, nd Pepper all argued who’s going to take the child. Pepper was all up for it since Mitch and Cam already have Lily. Mitch and Cam thinks that they are the better fit because they already have a child and more experienced in that area. The argument came to a halt when Sal came back, crying and explained why she ran away.

She told them she freaked out when someone mentioned the Chicago Blackhawks. It turns out that her baby daddy plays for the team. She admitted that she told him and that was also the time she found out that he’s married. She broke down and told them that she’s just afraid of raising her baby on her own. Then, her friends told her that they are all going to be the daddies of her child. Aww.

Manny on the other hand refuses to go to his cooking class because he was being bullied. Gloria asked Jay to teach him how to fight the bully and of course, Jay was up for that task. He taught Manny some punches. Manny was hesitant because we know Manny, he’s more of a romantic than a fighter. When Jay dropped him off at cooking class, Manny met the bully. He told him he has something for him. Manny immediately punched him thinking that he would punch him. It turns out that the bully just wanted to give him an apple crumble as an apology for bullying him. They found out that his parents are getting a divorce, hence the bullying.

They went home. Manny got mad at Gloria because she got kicked out of his cooking class. He and Jay realized that Gloria is actually the bully in their life.

Haley and Alex tried to teach Luke on how to break up with his girlfriend. This didn’t go well when the two sisters had to go on a text war with Luke’s now ex-gf.

Overall, it was a good episode for “Modern Family.” What do you think? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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