Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Haley’s 21st Birthday

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Haley’s 21st Birthday
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In “Modern Family” Season 6 Episode 10 “Haley’s 21st Birthday,” Phil had a surprise for his firstborn. Read on to learn more aout this episode.

For Haley’s 21st birthday, the family decided to “party” with Haley now that she’s legal to drink. Phil and Jay, on the other hand, had an errand to run: picking up his gift for Haley — a car.

Phil, being a salesman, already had a perfect deal, and all he needed to do is sign the papers. However, Jay intercepted by telling him that he could haggle so he could get a better deal out of the car. Phil let him haggle, but the salesman didn’t budge. So Jay’s next plan of strategy was to walk away because he’s confident that the salesman will come after them. Jay was right; the salesman did only because they left a pair of sunglasses.

They went to another dealership and Phil was devastated because the deal being offered was much higher than their previous one. Still, Jay didn’t let it dampen their spirits and went to another dealer. When they got there, they found out that the first dealer that they went to had the best deal according to the salesman from the third dealer that they went to. Phil was so devastated that he decided to take matters into his own hands and not let Jay intercept again. He called up the first dealer, but unfortunately, the car was already sold.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Clare, Cam and Mitch were all trying to look cool because they wanted to give Haley a good time. They also wanted to prove to her that they can still party like a rockstar. There were a lot of funny scenes including Mitch and Cam when they tried to look cool but only got rejected by the people there.

On the other hand, Clare allowed Haley to get a tattoo and even suggested that they get matching tattoos. Haley was up for it until the last minute when Clare already had hers, and Haley backed out. After that, Phil and Jay showed up to give Haley her car. Phil found out about Clare’s tattoo and said that he’ll get one as well.

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