Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Integrity

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Integrity
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All the families in “Modern Family” Season 6, Episode 21 “Integrity” dealt with some big issues that focused on integrity, hence the episode’s title. Read on.

Gloria has plans with Haley to go shopping. She reminded Jay to drop off Joe at Mitch and Cam’s place. Also, she reminded him that he will meet Phil, who needs to pick up Lily’s toy castle for Joe. Jay was surprised because it is a little girl’s castle, something not for Joe and he noticed that Joe has a pedicure. Gloria told him that the manicurist did that to Joe’s feet when she was in the salon.

At Phil and Claire’s, it is Awards Day at school. Alex is so excited about all the awards that she’s getting while Claire feels bad for Luke and doesn’t want him to feel left out. She went to the principal to persuade him to give Luke the integrity award. The principal said that the award is set to be given to someone else already. Claire made a mistake of bribing him and got thrown out of the office. Annoyed yet determined to get her way, she pushed the kid’s car who’s winning the integrity award into a handicap spot so he’ll get a ticket.

Cam and Mitch want to adopt a baby. They’re not sure if they are really ready for it so they agreed to take on Joe while Gloria and Jay are busy for the day. However, Joe caused a ruckus in their house. They realized that they are not yet ready for that kind of thing again.

Gloria and Haley are on their way to go shopping when Haley got a call from her boss asking her to bring a special flower to him and she did so. Her boss asked her to stay and stand in the parking spot and hold it for him until he’s ready. Gloria witnessed the whole thing. She told Haley that her boss is abusing her and she should stand up for herself. Haley doesn’t want to because the job means a lot to her. However, Gloria thinks it’s wrong but still listened to Haley but after that Gloria went to Haley’s boss and threatened him.

Phil wants a Ms. Pac-Man game console but Claire disapproves. He told Jay about this when they were picking Lily’s toy house. Jay said that he should get the console and just when Phil has decided to get one the toy castle accidentally fell off from the pick-up, destroying it. Jay got scared while Phil convinced him to be a man and refuse to let Joe play with a princess castle. Later on, they learned that Claire ordered the console that Phil wants and that Gloria bought black paint and a skull flag to turn the princess castle into a pirate castle.

Luke won the Integrity Award only to find out that winning it means you’re a nerd. He thought it was Manny’s doing so he confronted him about it, but Claire admitted that it was her fault. Luke told her that he doesn’t need an award and he was upset because Sarah, Manny’s crush likes him better and he’s afraid that he’s hurting Manny’s feelings.

And to end the episode, Joe got to play with his new pirate castle but it collapsed and the whole family worked together to make it stronger.

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