Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Knock ‘Em Down

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Knock ‘Em Down
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Modern Family” Season 6, Episode 20 “Knock ‘Em Down” was about Cam’s bowling-league finals while Mitch, Gloria, Haley went clubbing and Phil and Claire bonded with their neighbors to get rid of a hideous statue since Phil needed to sell their house. As usual, the turn of events in this episode ended up hilarious! Read on for more details.

Phil was trying to sell the house next door, but no one wants it. It was because of the statue on the neighbor’s lawn across the street, which was so obscene. So Phil and Claire decided to bond with their neighbors Amber and Ronnie, who also dislikes the statue in front of their house. And because of their mutual disgust, Phil and Claire accidentally accepted a dinner invitation from them.

Meanwhile, Cam’s team “Britney Spares” has lost one member so he needed someone to fill that up. He asked Jay and Jay said yes. Cam was determined to take down the other team who’s leader is also his archnemesis, Martin. However, Cam didn’t tell Jay right away that it’s a gay competition. It means that each team should be an all-gay team and if Martin finds out that Jay isn’t gay he will disqualify the team. Jay was outraged at first, but he admired Cam’s determination so he went through with it.

Martin suspected that Jay isn’t gay. Luckily, Cam was able to make him less suspicious when he told him that Jay is acting weird because he likes him. During the game, Jay confronted Martin that he really doesn’t like him and Martin’s game strategies were affected. It led to Cam’s team winning. Cam was so happy with the victory until Jay confessed to Martin that he’s really not gay. Martin admired his courage for admitting that and disqualified Cam’s team, which meant that Martin’s team won after all.

During dinner, Phil and Claire were surprised to find that their annoying neighbors are regulars at the finest restaurant in town. They also learned that the son is having piano and composition classes at Julliard. They even bought a hundred-dollar wine and this changed their opinion regarding their neighbors.

Amber and Ronnie suggested that they tie a rope around the statue, connect it to the truck and rip it out and dumping it in a garbage can. Phil and Claire weren’t up for it because it is against the law. During their ride home, Claire changed her mind and went on to Amber and Ronnie’s suggestion. However, things got crazy when Phil accidentally put the car in reverse and smashed the statue into pieces. A cop arrived but luckily he was one of Phil’s clients and Phil managed to get them out of that tight spot. Amber and Ronnie were impressed with Phil.

Gloria, Mitch, and Haley went clubbing. Gloria and Mitch ditched the moment they walk into the club because they felt like they’re too old to be there. So much for the bet that they made with Cam and Jay that they could stay late that night.

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