Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Patriot Games

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Patriot Games
Cast of Modern Family at the 69th Annual Golden Globes Awards in 2012.

Gloria decides to be an American citizen, Mitch and Cam “joins” a protest and Alex has valedictorian dilemma in the latest episode of “Modern Family” Season 6, Episode 22 “Patriot Games.” Read on.

Mitch, Cam and Lily were shopping for Lily’s school project when they bumped into Longinus. He was at the store to pick up some supplies that will be used for a protest against a local restaurant. Longinus told them that he didn’t invite them because they don’t think they are that political. However, he told them that if they really are dedicated of helping out, they can show up at the restaurant on the weekend.

That weekend, Mitch and Cam headed to the restaurant only to find out that Longinus and other protestors weren’t there so they went inside to find out what’s going on. However, when they got inside the restaurant they were easily distracted by the delicious aromas inside so they decided to stay there and eat. Just when they were about to leave that’s when they saw the protestors. It turns out that the restraint donates to super PACS that don’t support health care coverage for same-sex couples. Upon hearing this, they quickly joined the band of protestors only to be called by the waiter for their to-go order and Mitch’s phone, which he apparently left inside.

Meanwhile, Gloria is studying for her American citizenship but Javier came and told her that she’s leaving her country. This made Gloria worry about becoming a citizen. Jay tried to assure her that her becoming an American citizen would mean a lot to him because he and his dad have fought for the country. However, Manny revealed to Gloria that Jay was only pushing her with the citizenship is because he hates how long the custom lines when they come back from Cabo.

Enraged, Gloria in her skimpy American outfit confronted Jay about this. Jay did admit that she’s right but then told her that he only said that because it was easier instead of telling her the truth. Well, the truth is, he’s upset that he still has connections with Javier because she’s not a citizen.

Gloria decided to take the test and was surprised that the lady only asked her two easy questions. She passed but she insisted that she gets asked more difficult questions because she worked hard for it. The lady asked her the number of the members of the congress. Gloria screams that she passed and ran out of the room.

As for Alex, she and Sanjay are tied up as the school’s valedictorians and they don’t want to be co-valedictorians so the principal told them that whoever wins the mile-run race will be named the valedictorian. Jay and Claire were actually not that bothered that Alex is tied up with Sanjay. It was  until Sanjay’s parents offended them and from then they were game on.

Alex was training for the mile-run race when Sanjay came up to him. She told her that he is the reason why he got into Stanford and why he got a high GPA score because she was always pushing him. She admitted the same thing but Claire told her not to believe what he says. Sanjay even admitted that he liked her. When the race came, Sanjay refused to race just to prove that he really likes Alex. In the end, they were awarded co-valedictorians.

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