Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Queer Eye, Full Hearts

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Queer Eye, Full Hearts
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In the latest episode of “Modern Family” Season 6 Episode 7 “Queer Eyes, Full Hearts,” being openly gay as a football coach would create a buzz, plus a good-looking tutor may just bring out a green-eyed monster. Read on for the full recap.

With Cam’s team's victory, it brought some reporters on the field. However, they got even more interested when they found out that Cam is openly gay. We all know how much Cam loves the spotlight, and he really enjoyed it until he realized that it’s really Mitchell who’s been with him through everything. He decided to be more supportive on him, especially on the case that Mitch tackled in this episode.

Meanwhile, Manny wanted to learn French, but Gloria said that he should take up Spanish lessons because that’s her first language, and she wanted to converse with someone who can speak her native tongue. So she hired a Spanish tutor, and it turned out that he’s really good looking. Jay noticed that Gloria was spending so much time with the tutor, and them talking in Spanish made him jealous. He even thought that they were making fun of him.

Out of jealousy, he gave Manny the permission to take French lessons instead, and Gloria found out about it. She got so upset. She told Jay that she only wants Manny to learn Spanish because she wants to be able to talk to someone in Spanish. That’s what she was doing all those times she was spending with the tutor. Jay then took up Spanish lessons for himself.

Claire was getting worried that Haley was spending so much time with Andy, especially that she just came from a relationship. She expressed her concerns to Haley, and Haley being Haley got pissed at her mom for trying to butt in again. So Haley just told Claire that they’re only having sex, not a relationship. This shocked Claire, so she decided to just clear out the way.

The truth was Haley and Andy were spending so much time together because they were trying to practice job interviews, and finally, Andy has gathered all the guts to ask Phil to become his assistant, while Haley has landed a job in the fashion industry.

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