Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Rash Decisions

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Rash Decisions
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If you’ve been watching “Modern Family” for years now, then you know how Jay loves Stella, how Phil and Luke are so close and how Mitch can be such a neat freak. In this episode, these stuff have been put behind as these characters deal with their personalities and relationships in Season 6 Episode 13 “Rash Decisions.”

The episode kicked off with Jay’s love letter to his dog, Stella. When he got home, he told Gloria and Manny what Stella did that day, which was so cute because Stella fell in love with her own reflection. Manny also has some good news to share from school, but Jay interrupted him and told him not to compete with the dog. However, things suddenly took a turn when Stella had to be sent away because Joel has been having some allergic reactions, and it might be because of the dog.

Left with no choice, Jay brought Stella over to Cam and Mitch’s place, and Larry, their cat, wasn’t so thrilled about it. Meanwhile, Mitch had to do some legal work for his dad’s company “Closets, Closets, Closets,” and Claire was there to welcome her brother with a gay joke who seems confident that everyone at work likes her. Mitch, on the other hand, struggles to be liked because at his other job, he has a reputation for being such a neat freak that people have been talking about him behind his back. Eager to make friends at his dad’s company, Mitch tried to lose that attitude and be somewhat a “slob” at work. He shared this sentiment with Claire, and the overly confident Claire showed him how people liked her at work when Lucy, the new girl who’s been dressing like a hooker at work, came. Claire subtly said that they’re having a sale at some store for office clothes, and Lucy agreed to check it out.

At the Dunphys, Phil was feeling low because he haven’t been able to spend time with Luke because he’s always busy with his friends, and it seemed like he doesn’t want to hang out anymore. When he was interviewing a future assistant Andy, Phil decided to play baseball with him in front of their house, and they were having such a good time when Luke interrupted and was surprised when he heard that his dad and Andy went to the mall together and have been acting like really close buddies. Phil didn’t want to admit it to himself, but he was clearly just making Luke jealous.

Back at the office, Mitch found out that people really don’t like Claire while Mitch himself has been getting plenty of invitations from co-workers that Claire doesn’t know about. Lucy did follow Claire’s advice but was wearing it the wrong way because she adjusted it by losing a few buttons on her shirt. Jay saw this and yelled at Claire and told her once again to take care of it.

Haley took Alex to her college interview, and during the whole time, Haley was talking to someone over the phone and Alex couldn’t concentrate that she exploded and told Haley to shut up. When it was Alex’s turn to be interviewed, she overheard the interviewer talking on the phone, and she used the story she heard so she could be more interesting.

Later on, Phil found out that his son still wants to hang around with him. And then Gloria told Jay that it was Stella that was causing Joel’s allergies so Jay packed up Stella’s stuff to bring it over at Cam’s. And then he found out that Gloria made that all up. Joel was actually allergic to her face cream that Stella ate. Jay was on his way to take back Stella.

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