Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Strangers in the Night

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Strangers in the Night
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Flowers arriving at the Dunphys' mailbox from an anonymous sender, Stella in a party and white couches played key roles in the latest episode of “Modern Family” Season 6, Episode 9 “Strangers in the Night.” Read on for the full recap.

White roses have been arriving at the Dunphys', and they all thought that it was for Haley. Even Haley thought it was hers, but then, Phil told them that it might be his because he always washes the car in shorts and said that he feels like someone was  looking at him. They were all surprised when Alex said that it was for her and from her boyfriend.

Claire and Haley were shocked by this revelation that they thought that Alex was making it up. Alex told them that her boyfriend’s name is Alec and said that she will prove it to them. Only Phil believed his daughter and told her to invite her boyfriend over. However, Claire and Haley’s suspicions were proven right when Alex said that Alec has moved away to Africa, and they broke up. But she has another boyfriend whose name was Teddy Keys, a juvenile delinquent working at a Mattress King Store. Alex has finally proven them wrong when Teddy picked her up for a date.

Stella has an elite dog party to attend to, and Jay invited Gloria to come with him to piss her off so she wouldn’t take him to the Colombian citizenship party. Surprisingly, Gloria enjoyed the party, and Jay was left with no choice but to go to Gloria’s party next.

Cam and Mitch have just bought a white pristine couch and only the cat was allowed on it because it’s “white.” Lily was so grumpy because of this because she wants to try out their new couch. Mitch’s co-worker Brenda has just gotten a divorce and needed a place to stay, and they welcomed her to their place reluctantly. She slept on their couch and made a mess out of it, and it bothered them so much until they saw Lily reading a book to her, soothing her out of her woes. That’s when they realized that Lily is the most important person in their life.

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