Modern Family Season 6 Recap: The Big Guns

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Modern Family Season 6 Recap: The Big Guns
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It’s a battle of the families! Someone’s also throwing in a bit of a hocus pocus in the latest episode of “Modern Family” Season 6 Episode 12 “The Big Guns.” Read below for the full recap.

If you have been watching the series up until this season, then you are very aware of the feud between Claire/Phil and their neighbors, the LaFontaines. Ronnie has parked a boat in front of his house, and it was enormous and ugly that it bothers the Dunphys. Only Luke wasn’t bothered by this because he loves seeing the girl next door sunbathe.

Ronnie and Amber didn’t want to move the boat, so Phil and Claire cooked up a plan to annoy their neighbors. Phil called his father, and his father was all up to his plan: he brought in some of his friends together with their own RVs, and they all parked in front of the Dunphys. Not only that, though, they were also full of boring stories, which was very annoying. Surprisingly, Ronnie didn’t find it annoying and offered the old men weed, and they all ended up partying.

The next day, Ronnie finally offered a truce, which Phil accepted until Claire came with cops who asked them to clear out the streets. As for Luke, he decided to follow Alex’s advice to ignore his crush, and it worked because that’s when the girl noticed Luke.

At the Pritchett’s, Jay was trying to teach Joe to potty while Gloria disapproved because Joe is too young to be potty-trained. However, she still appreciated Jay for doing something like this, becoming more attentive to his child. When Jay was about to give up, Joe walked up to his potty and did it!

At Cam and Mitch’s place, Cam wanted Lily to be a clown just like him, and she was all over the place, but in a bad way, though, because she kept on pulling some nasty tricks towards Cam. Mitch wasn’t up for the whole idea but watched until Lily came up to him and told him that she really doesn’t want to be a clown and that Cam is a much better clown than she is. Cam overheard the last part, and she let Lily be whoever she wants to be.

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