Modern Family Season 6 Recap: The Day We Almost Died

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Modern Family Season 6 Recap: The Day We Almost Died
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How did your favorite “Modern Family” cast welcome the New Year? Of course, with a bang – but in a very unexpected way as some of them got into a near-death experience! Read on to learn more about Episode 11 “The Day We Almost Died.”

It all began when the Dunphys along with Manny got into an “almost” car accident with a truck, and because of this incident, the passengers started to reflect on their lives in different ways, which all led them to take some actions to test it out. Let’s start with Claire.

Claire realized that life’s too short, and she should spend it doing the things that she would really love to do. So, the first thing that came into mind was her brother, Mitch. She snuck into his office and got into an argument before Mitch finally agreed to go rollerblading with her. While they were rollerblading, Claire urged Mitch to go through the underpass, but Mitch doesn’t want to but reluctantly agrees. However, both of them got separated passing through so when Claire got out at a different side of the underpass, she was expecting that Mitch was already there, basking in his triumph, but she was wrong because Mitch got the worst end of the stick because he got mugged. Furious, he skated back to work.

Then we had Haley and Alex. Alex realized Haley cares for her so much because she thinks that Haley was so worried about her because of the incident that she agreed to have a makeover by her. However, she didn’t like the makeover, and she then found out that Haley was more worried of losing her phone that time.

And the funny thing was the ever-emotional Manny who really takes everything to heart. The incident made him fear car rides, and when he told Jay and Gloria about this, Jay scolded Phil while Gloria suggested that Jay takes Manny out for ice cream. However, Manny would rather not be in the car but walk alongside it, and of course, Jay found this ridiculous that he even told Manny to be the one to drive if that would make him get in the car. Manny was unsuccessful while Jay still gave him some of his wisdom when he told him about the same fear that he had, and then Manny got out of the car while Gloria witnessed everything came up with a plan – she pretended that someone stole her phone. That did it, Manny jumped behind the wheel and overcame his fear just to get his mom’s phone back.

As for Phil, the incident boosted his confidence, and it was really funny. He went out with Cam and showed how confident he was when he pushed Cam to buy a washer, and he even bought an alpaca. The kids freaked out, but that’s when he realized that he could have lost his family. That’s when things went back to normal for the Dunphys.

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