Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Three Turkeys

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Modern Family Season 6 Recap: Three Turkeys
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It’s Thanksgiving in “Modern Family” Season 6 Episode 8 “Three Turkeys.” Who did the best turkey this year? Read on for the full recap.

For the first time ever, Claire allowed Phil to do the turkey and all the other food that they are going to share that night because they are going to spend Thanksgiving at Jay’s house. Phil was totally up for the challenge, and he planned to wow Claire. Luke helped him make their Thanksgiving dinner.

Mitchell and Cam were having problems regarding Lily’s dress choices. She didn't seem to want to wear something nice for Thanksgiving dinner, and of course, this was an issue for Mitchell, especially for Cam.

Gloria and Jay made their family believe that they were in Mexico because all they wanted was some quiet time alone during Thanksgiving. The truth was they’re just at home.

As if Claire would really let Phil do Thanksgiving dinner, she’s a couple of steps ahead because she’s actually making her own turkey! She expected already that Phil will fail, and she has a backup plan in mind. Alex caught her, and Claire said not to tell anyone. Alex agreed to keep mum and helped her mom.

Dinner time rolled in, and when they got to the Pritchetts', Jay and Gloria were surprised. They tried to hide. And after a lot of hiding, Jay finally came clean and said that they just wanted a quiet Thanksgiving night while Claire admitted that she made a backup turkey. It turned out that Phil’s turkey was actually good! Beat that, Claire!

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