Mom, Daughter’s Bikini Parade; Has Kris Jenner Really Stolen Kylie’s Spotlight?

By Pradeep Singh | 2 years ago
Mom, Daughter’s Bikini Parade; Has Kris Jenner Really Stolen Kylie’s Spotlight?

Kylie Jenner attaining her adulthood has been one of the most awaited moments for many. Kylie becomes 18 on August 10, and on the very first day of her adulthood she was seen in Mexico in a parade of bikinis. This may have made her mom Kris Jenner someway jealous and she didn’t hesitate to remind her daughter Kylie about the original hot Jenner. Read on to know more details.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” momager took it to Instagram by posting a shocking bathing suit picture, claiming that her daughter stole her suit. It seems that Kris is asking fans who wore the suit best.

On her Instagram, Kris, 59, said that Kylie stole her vintage Body Glove bathing suit that she wore it back in Acapulco in 1989 when Kylie was not even born, Radar Online reported.

“Who wore it best” is now trending and surprisingly, it seems like Kris beats out Kylie. Comments have been flooded mostly in favor of the mom like “Kris you wore it better girl that suit barely even fits Kylie but she does look cute in it too,” “Kris wore it better,” “Kris you look good girl” and “Kris TOTALLY wore it better!”

Kris may win this battle but when it comes to life in real terms, the mom seems losing to daughter Kylie. As per reports Kris and Caitlyn Jenner’s relationship has been passing through a rough phase since the latter came out as a transgender, but both want to make the right decision for Kylie who is just rushing to marry her boyfriend Tyga.

Both Caitlyn and Kris are extremely concerned about Kylie’s future as they know that she never heeds to the advice of anyone. Her rush to grow up in a flash and tie the knot with Tyga and even flaunting a diamond ring, including a rumored, already made, sex-tape with the rapper, has scared them.

Who will win the bikini show, Kylie or Kris? Where is Kylie Jenner’s career moving? What do you think about Tyga? Share your views in the comments below.

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Photo source: Kylie Jenner/Facebook


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