Mondo Creates Potential ‘The Last of Us’ Movie Poster? ‘The Last of Us’ Vinyl Unveiled

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Mondo Creates Potential ‘The Last of Us’ Movie Poster? ‘The Last of Us’ Vinyl Unveiled
“The Last of Us” name was picked among 150 game titles.

Mondo released a poster, included in their vinyl artwork, of “The Last of Us” via their website recently. Does this signal the development of “The Last of Us” Movie? Read on for more details.

Mondo, known for producing artistic movie posters for cult classics and major hit films, said that they collaborated with “The Last of Us” developer Naughty Dog to create a beautiful soundtrack cover for the apocalyptic video game. It also featured the “clicker” zombie. However, Naughty Dog reportedly had some issues and decided to have it changed.

“They [Naughty Dog] liked it but didn’t really see it as a soundtrack cover – so we released it as a poster instead,” Mondo artist Jay Shaw said via The Verge report.

On the other side of the story, does this mean that development of “The Last of Us” Movie is progressing? Would Naughty Dog use the poster in the future?

The poster was part of the Vinyl release of “The Last of Us” soundtracks in which the cover showed Joel and Ellie holding hands as well as Joel’s broken wristwatch as a symbolism. This was due to Naughty Dog’s request to focus the cover on the relationship of the two leading characters.

It was reportedly Mondo’s first time to give a Vinyl score of a video game. It was alo the reason as to why they chose “The Last of Us” was because people in their company loved its soundtracks.

“[The Last of Us] struck a chord with everyone who played it, so we went after it pretty aggressively,” Shaw said.

Mondo already made their Vinyl release available for pre-orders via their official website. It will  consists of a 4XLB Box set, enclosed in a heavy duty Slip casing. It also included every audio piece of the video game, which also had the 2014’s DLC “Left Behind.”

In the previous year, the company also rolled out their score for the “Jurrasic Park” film. They said that the tracks were favorites of the people working in Mondo.

As of “The Last of Us” 4XLP Box set, it is priced at $75.00 until Dec. 2015. Fans can visit Mondo’s official website to check it out.

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Photo source: Facebook/Naughty Dog, Inc.

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