Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Episode 18: ‘You are Ra-on who filled my world to the brim’

By Ancy John | 1 year ago
Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Episode 18: ‘You are Ra-on who filled my world to the brim’
Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Episode 18 Spoilers

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Episode 18 was aired on Oct 18. It had all the right amount of feels for the viewers to warmly bid goodbye to it. The show started off with a story of a crown prince and a girl dressed as a eunuch.

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds episode 18 marked the end of a romantic show that won the hearts of viewers across the world. The popularity of the show was immense in Korea.

Spoilers Ahead!

The final episode had its share of action, sacrifice, heartbreak. The episode starts off with both Prince Yeong and Ra On being separated and longing for each other. Both of them mourn over the time when their eternity bracelet broke.

It was soon found out that Yeong was poisoned and he is on the death bed. Ra On masquerades herself as an assistant to the doctor to be by Yeong’s side. Yeong’s to be wife Ha-yeon finds something fishy as she sees Ra On covered with a mask.

As much as the story is about the love between the two protagonists, it is also about sacrifices made by people around them for this love story to blossom. Sacrifices of the court day Oh, Yoon-sung, Ha-yeon.

The fans alone are not sad about the final Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Episode 18. The stars are also feeling the pain to let it go. Female lead Kim Yoo Jung (Ra On) posted on Instagram about the sadness she feels to film for the last episode of the show, noted iTech Post.

Park Bo Gum turned out to be most loved character on the show, both on screen and off screen. Many co-stars talked about how humble and sweet he was even off-screen. Well, it looks like the pairing of Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung worked for the show!

Yeong says, “You are the Ra-on who filled my world to the brim.” Well, is it not that both of them fill the viewers’ world to the brim as well! Moonlight Drawn By Clouds episode 18 aired on Oct 18 on KBS.

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Photo Source: Instagram/Kim Yoo Jung

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