More Optimism Following Presidential Election

By admin | 6 years ago

The 2012 presidential election has passed and a new poll this week shows how Americans look at the state of the country following the reelection of President Obama and the many challenges he faces during his second term.

Since President Obama was elected to his first term four years ago, the confidence of Americans has waned. However, the majority of Americans now are more optimistic about Obama’s second four years in the White House. Following a tough election, nearly 70% of Americans see the country as very divided as far as what values are most important. Because of that divide, the great majority, about 74%, think the president should put emphasis on programs that both parties are supportive of.

Fifty-four percent of respondents believe the U.S. will be better off in four years than it is now, while 41% said they believe it will be worse. The majority of people who responded to the poll said they believe Obama could accomplish major policy goals such as improving education, lowering unemployment, maintaining the security within the U.S., and improving the overall healthcare system.

On two controversial issues – lowering the U.S. dependence on imported oil and on bridging the political divide – the majority of Americans are not as positive about the president’s ability to be successful and reach his goals as they were four years ago when he won the election for his first term.

The percentage of people who feel Obama will lower the U.S. dependence on foreign oil was only 47%, compared to 57% in 2008. On healing the political divide in U.S., 33% felt Obama would be successful compared to 54% back in 2008.

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