More Resident Evil Movies Planned By Series Creator Capcom

By Edson Kyle Encina | 2 years ago
More Resident Evil Movies Planned By Series Creator Capcom
Resident Evil movies

More Resident Evil movies are planned by Capcom and these films will expand beyond the live-action movies.

Capcom revealed some interesting details about the future of their Resident Evil franchise. In a recent Q&A segment, the Resident Evil creators discussed about the long term goals of their upcoming game. And as well as what’s to coming next for Resident Evil in the big screen.

A report by GameSpot suggests that fans can expect more Resident Evil movies in the future! And the fact that the creators themselves are getting involved makes these movies more authentic.

More CG Resident Evil movies in the future

Capcom mentioned that with the release of the Resident Evil: Final Chapter movie, the film has “reached a break.” But they are still hoping to continue bringing the popular game series to the big screen.

The game developers have released two CG Resident Evil films in the past, namely Degeneration and Damnation. And that is not all. A third CG Resident Evil film is also coming. In fact, the trailer was already teased via a cinematic trailer.

The upcoming CG film is dubbed Resident Evil:Vendetta. Based on what is seen on the trailer, the movie will take place on an isolated mansion. Since the trailer featured a mansion, fans might be revisiting the place where it all started.

And better yet, fans get to see the familiar characters in their original CG forms.  They also get to see their favorite characters in the series like, Chris and Leon.

After all, who can play these iconic characters better than themselves? Matthew Mercer is already confirmed to reprise his role as the original voice of Leon in the movie. Hopefully, this will mark the start of more Resident Evil movies to come.

Resident Evil: Vendetta is scheduled to release in Japan in 2017. While the upcoming Resident Evil 7 game will be out by January 24, 2017.

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Photo Source: YouTube/Resident Evil Vendetta

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