Morgan Freeman Had an Affair with Deceased Step Granddaughter Before Her Death

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Morgan Freeman Had an Affair with Deceased Step Granddaughter Before Her Death

The brutal stabbing and subsequent death of of veteran actor Morgan Freeman’s step granddaughter Edena Hines in New York has been tragic enough. It is indeed a very testing time for Morgan Freeman and his family that Edena lost her life so early. Recent reports have revealed something about Edena and step grandfather that will seem unbelievable at many levels.

According to the Celebrity Auction, years before Edena’s death she had an alleged affair with the veteran actor. Though both Morgan and herself refused any rumors about having an affair, sources mentioned to Radar that the affair did happen when the veteran actor was going to divorce his wife of 25 years. The same sources also mentioned that this affair ruined Morgan’s relationship with mistress Mary Joyce Hays. Since Edena was raised by the couple right when she was a little girl, the affair began in her teens. Morgan Freeman’s ex-wife Myrna Colley-Lee also said that Edena once told her about how the actor tried to make a move on her when she had gone for dinner with him at a friend’s house. It is being said that despite Myrna warned Morgan not to do anything like this ever again, the affair continued. He would often take her on red carpet premieres and she would anyways get introduced as his granddaughter.

What is even more shocking is that a family source told Radar that Edena wanted to be Mrs. Morgan Freeman and that had been her goal for sometime. The affair apparently ended when the actor started to see an accountant and it was then when both he and Edena refused any claims of having an affair. As far as Edena’s demise is concerned, her boyfriend Lamar Davenport has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder. No one knows to what extent this rumor is true, but it resurfacing at a time when the family is mourning Edena’s death is certainly not the most appropriate time. We can all hope the rumor dies down quickly and give strength to the family of the victim.

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Photo source: Facebook/Morgan Freeman

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