Morgan Freeman’s Step-Granddaughter, E’Dena Hines Brutally Stabbed To Death Outside Her Home

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Morgan Freeman’s Step-Granddaughter, E’Dena Hines Brutally Stabbed To Death Outside Her Home
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Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter E’Dena Hines was murdered outside her home in New York City.

Crimes are everywhere, and as terrible it is everybody could be a victim just like what happened to the 33-year-old step-granddaughter of the “Bucket List” actor, Freeman.

The tragic day happened in the early hours of August 16. Based on multiple reports about the incident, Hines was brutally stabbed to death just outside her home in NYC’s Washington Heights.

In an exclusive report of Us Weekly, police confirms that Hines suffered multiple stabs in her torso, and was rushed to Harlem Hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

Hines was reportedly found on the street lying outside her home at 3am, People reported in an exclusive report.

Meanwhile, police reports that a man in his 30s was arrested after he was found kneeling over the dead Hines. The man was reportedly sent to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center to have a psychiatric evaluation, according to Us Weekly. As of writing, the investigation into this incident is on.

In addition to this, following the death of his step-granddaughter, Freeman reflected to the incident and released an official message.

Based on his statement, Freeman feels so unfortunate that the world will never know Hines’ talent and artistry. He added that Hines family and friends were fortunate enough to know her, as what she really meant as a person.

“Her star will continue to shine bright in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. May she rest in peace,” he stated.

Hines is the granddaughter of Freeman’s first wife, Jeannette Adair Bradshaw and was sometimes regarded as Freeman’s goddaughter, but was well-know as his step-granddaughter. According to HollywoodLife, the two were married in 1967 and separated in 1979. Hines is somewhat recognized by some people as she already attended several red carpet events with Freeman.

E’Dena Hines website shows that she attended New York University and studied acting. She became an actress and writer and also a teacher in Memphis.

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Photo Source: Facebook| Morgan Freeman

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