Its Morphing Time With R. J. Cyler, Our Cinematic Blue Power Ranger

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Its Morphing Time With R. J. Cyler, Our Cinematic Blue Power Ranger
rj cyler blue power ranger

The Power Rangers are getting ready to morph into action! This whole week, the faces behind the Ranger rainbow have been emerging: and here’s latest Zord in the block: R. J. Cyler is your Blue Ranger! Read on for more details.

Joining the Pink Ranger Naomi Watts, the Red Ranger Dacre Montgomery and Ludi Lin as the Black Ranger, we now have our Blue Ranger: “Me, Earl and the Dying Girl” star R. J. Cyler.

As always, we have the official Blue Ranger bio ready for you:

“17 years old, slight and awkward. Billy is challenged in his abilities to communicate and interact socially. Whip-smart and sweet, but always odd. Sometimes in a fun way, sometimes not, Billy is a kid with no filter. Showing his emotions, understanding sarcasm, and dealing with his OCD is a constant challenge. Has never really had any friends and instantly gravitates towards Jason.”

Cyler announced his official Ranger-hood on the Power Rangers Instagram:

Welcome #RJCyler to the team as the #BlueRanger in the upcoming @PowerRangersMovie!

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Cyler won accolades for his laidback comedic persona in “Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl”, despite the movie not doing so well commercially. It will be interesting to see how he handles a straight-laced character from being the comic relief, and even more interesting to see Cyler make a leap from artsy-indie-film to bright-spandex superheroics.

Billy the Blue Ranger is being labelled as a sort of genius character with social inadequacies (When was the last time you saw a genius character who was not socially inadequate?) in the upcoming film. The character was originally played by David Yost, which has of course got the ‘ethnicity purists’ instagram clamouring against the casting of a black actor for what used to be a white role.

With four of the five Ranger crayons now out of the box, we only await the casting of the Yellow Ranger, which should be coming any day now. Sweet team photos should also be out soon after, so keep watching this space for more updates.

Power Rangers morph into theaters on Jan 13, 2017.

Photo Source: Facebook/Power Rangers

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