Mortal Kombat X, Pokemon Go, Subway Surfers, Free Halloween Offers & Exciting Video Updates!

By Sangati Jogwar | 1 year ago
Mortal Kombat X, Pokemon Go, Subway Surfers, Free Halloween Offers & Exciting Video Updates!
Mortal Kombat X, Pokemon Go, Subway Surfers Halloween Offers Video Updates

Mortal Kombat X, Pokemon Go, Subway Surfers are now coming out with some free Halloween offers. With the celebrations around the corner, the respective game developers are flaunting their best gifts and offer to entice the players. Here is a quick breakdown of what is on the offer and for whom. Also some enlightening videos, in addition, to detailing you about the offers in detail. Check it out!

Recent app updates enlist exciting offers for almost all the currently trending games. Pokemon Go is the most popular game at present. For most of the gamers, adventures result in 5 to 10 new Rattatas and Pidgeys for collection.

However, now the game developer has come out with a new update just for Halloween. With the latest update, users can reap profit simply by catching one and half billion Pokemon of a particular type, reports Touch Arcade.

Catch Pokemon Bonus

The new offer includes Catch Bonus making it easier for the players to catch Pokemon, especially if you have already caught a few before of the same type. The game now has gym training so that you can use your complete Pokemon party to take up the battles at the friendly gyms. The latest version also comes with audio and some other improvements.

Mortal Kombat X Offers

Jason Voorhees is the most favorite movie monster around. And the Halloween offer for Mortal Kombat X makes it available in a relentless form. However, it will be only available in a special pack and for a limited time.

So, the players will require a good pack of souls as well as luck to acquire it. Another offer is the Kitana’s special Day of Dead version. It is available through Mortal Kombat X’s limited challenge mode event.

So, it can be a bit scarier for the Mortal Kombat X fans, when it comes to their wallet.

Subway Surfers New Duds And Phantom Board Upgrade  

This time along the Subway Surfers will visit Transylvania for Halloween celebration.

You can earn new duds for Mike the Friendly Werewolf. Also, an upgrade of Phantom Board is now available. Furthermore, the update also offers a plethora of choices in cool set dressing.

So, be it Pokemon Go, Mortal Kombat X or Subway Surfers, gamers certainly are in for a treat with the latest updates and free offers.

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