‘Mortal Kombat X’ Unmasked Characters Shocking Revelations: Torr Has Monster Teeth, Sub-Zero Gentle Yet Hellish

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Mortal Kombat X’ Unmasked Characters Shocking Revelations: Torr Has Monster Teeth, Sub-Zero Gentle Yet Hellish
“Mortal Kombat X” reveals Torr’s unmasked face.

Faces of masked “Mortal Kombat X” characters were recently exposed at Imgur. Does Sub-Zero look scarier behind his Revenant Mask? Read on for more details.

A created “Mortal Kombat X” PC mod can now remove the masks of Erron Black, Jason Voorhees, Torr, Rain, Sub-Zero, and Smoke, revealing what they actually look like without those face gears.

First to appear in the gallery of images at Imgur, fans could see a clean-shaven Erron Black. Others were not anticipating that he would have no mustache or beard.

Next was Jason Voorhees who really looked like a serial killer ready to murder someone walking in the middle of the night. But with his unmasked version, the character’s face was scarier than ever, which had a long scar across his cheek.

The third “Mortal Kombat X” character unmasked was Rain. He is a half-Edenian and half-god warrior. Without his mask, Rain seemed to look a little bit feminine, having hair buns and reddish lips.

Fourth to be revealed was Sub-Zero who looked fierce with his Revenant Mask. When it was removed, the character looked like a gentle father who just happened to have those hellish eyes.

Last on the gallery was Smoke. And as far as expectations are concerned, Smoke’s unmasked face maintains the appeal when he puts on his face gear.

Outside the gallery, Torr’s unmasked version was also revealed. It was after a forum member got curious about it. The user “giggles: then posted Torr’s face via the “Mortal Kombat X” forum, revealing a hideous beast with large shark-like teeth.

Forum member ‘Ion3008’ observed Torr’s entire mouth resembled that of Nemesis-T Type, an infected monster in “Resident Evil.” ‘CODE_umb87’ also said Torr looked like he was supposed to have an unmasked version.

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Photo source: YouTube/moviemaniacsDE

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