Mother claims that Justin Bieber’s entourage truck ran over and killed her photographer son

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Chris Guerra, a 29 year photographer was apparently run over and killed by a vehicle that is described to be a black SUV, either a Hummer or Range Rover. Guerra was knocked down by a car in LA on January 1st while he was crossing the road after he had taken some pictures of Justin Bieber’s $200,000 white 458 Ferrari. Reports have stated that Bieber wasn’t in his car at the time of the crash.

However, according to more recent reports, it is being claimed that there was another car that fits the description provided and was wanted for a hit-and-run after striking the photographer afterwards.

Law enforcements reports have come in and said that they have been using surveillance video and forensic evidence to identify the video and claim that the vehicle seems to be a black Hummer or a Range Rover.

Guerra’s mother claims that the vehicle was from one of the singer’s entourage who might have been following the Ferrari or might’ve been coming to help the guy (Lil Twist-one of Bieber’s friends) as he was speeding and was pulled over.

The tragedy unfolded after Lil Twist, who was behind the wheel of the Ferrari, was pulled over on the Freeway for allegedly speeding on the 405.

Justin Bieber
Guerra, a freelance photographer, was tailing the car at the time after reportedly telling friends earlier that day that he had seen the singer smoking marijuana from a pipe. Bieber has denied this.

Guerra got out of his car to take pictures but after police repeatedly told him to return to his vehicle, he ran across the road to his car – but he was struck by a Toyota Highlander SUV. He died at a hospital shortly after.

Lil Twist
The woman who actually struck Guerra is currently not facing any charges cooperated with authorities. Bieber’s reps have been involved in this and have said that Justin isn’t involved in this nor was he present at the incident.

Additional information claims that the photographer used to follow and harass the singer and blamed him for smoking pot.

‘Justin was not present or involved in this incident and the focus should remain on honoring the memory of the victim.’ said Bieber’s reps.

Source: DailyMail

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