Motherhood Is The Toughest Job According To Jessica Biel But Justin Timberlake Is An Awesome Dad

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Motherhood Is The Toughest Job According To Jessica Biel But Justin Timberlake Is An Awesome Dad
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Jessica Biel has comfortably played several roles in her life but according to a recent admission made by her, motherhood is the toughest job in her entire career.

The actress who had featured in“The Spark” was seen at the “Today Show” on Friday for promoting new “Funny or Die” videos where Biel can be seen along with Joy Bryant and Whitney Cummings  for “Woman Care Global” to generate awareness among women on issues related to reproduction.

The 33-year-old actress seemed excited while she spoke on the subject of reproducing and was quite candid as she shared that it was an amazing experience for her. Motherhood is a great moment for her and Silas, her son is an epitome of joy for her.

Biel also confessed that after she became a mother, she has been experiencing tremendous appreciation towards her own mother which is a newly found emotion for her.

She said that she would soon call her mom up for thanking her. She realizes how much a mom has to do for her kid. Biel feels that motherhood is an awesome responsibility and is the biggest joy for a woman forever.

Jessica says that it is no cakewalk for a mother to raise her child and that includes her. However, the actress also confesses that Justin Timberlake, her husband has been an excellent parenting partner in taking care of their son.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel had welcomed their baby Silas this year and the actress simply cannot stop gushing about what a joy it is for her to be a mom.

According to an interview given to ABC News earlier this year, Jessica had shared that she likes it most when her son gets up from his nap. When she looks at him, she feels happy that she is alive and feels that the feeling is simply magical.

Photo Source:  Eat Like An Actress

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