This Movie Is DC’s Key To Making An R-Rated Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This Movie Is DC’s Key To Making An R-Rated Movie
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R-rated movies are all the rage right now. Following the success of Deadpool, many superhero movies are choosing to be R-rated. Looking at the trend, DC recently hinted that they are considering making an R-rated movie.

Red Hood and The Outlaws movie

Screen Rant reported that Red Hood and The Outlaws could serve as the perfect R-rated movie for the DC. Red Hood aka Jason Todd, the second Robin has a deep history in the DC universe and can deliver the basic elements required to make an R-rated movie.

He is not the only one that can help the studio make this kind of movie. In the comic books, he has been teamed up with characters like Bizarro and Artemis to form a new kind of trinity.

The same characters can stand by Red Hood and become principle characters of the movie. Since DC has already made room for supervillains with Suicide Squad, it can consider venturing into the R-rated genre with the aforementioned characters.

Red Hood’s Character

Red Hood/Jason Todd was the second Robin and perhaps the most loved by Batman. Much like other Robins, he was trained by Batman and later on, became his sidekick.

During a mission gone wrong, the Joker overpowered him. The maniac tortured Todd for hours before murdering him. Following his death, Ra’s Al Ghul resurrected him in the Lazarus Pit.

However, this resurrection ended up compromising Todd’s thoughts and emotions, which led to him taking the identity of Red Hood. He waged a war against all the criminals in Gotham city but in a more violent way.

Batman did not approve of this new vigilante’s way but that did not discourage Todd at all. He caught Joker and tortured him the same way, which ended up in a face-to-face encounter with the Batman.

Comic books have continued to show Todd as an anti-hero who has occasionally teamed up with the rest of the Bat family. His dark past and violent streak can bring the grittiness in the movie.

Bizarro and Artemis in the movie

Bizarro, on the other hand, is a more humorous take on Superman. Made as the Man of Steel’s clone, he has developed in his own unique way. He has got all the powers of Superman but he is essentially a child at heart.

Having him in the movie will definitely inject humor to it instead of being a plain, violent R-rated project.

Artemis is essential for the movie because she is just like Wonder Woman. She is an Amazonian but she does not have immortality because she does not hail from Themyscira.

Her not being an immortal puts her at risk of being killed, making her an interesting character to explore. She can also be essential in bringing a dramatic element to the movie. Also, since DC is investing on female characters, Artemis can join the roster easily.

WB Pictures’ executive’s statement reported what Warner Bros. Pictures’ President and COO Toby Emmerich said about R-rated movies. He believes there is a possibility for DC to make an R-rated movie.

He also stated that he admires violent and adult comic-book movies like Deadpool and would be surprised if DC would not make one in the near future.

Currently lined up DC movies

While this movie does not have a confirmed plot or release date, there are other movies that are lined up for release. This year, Justice League will be gracing the big screen, which will be followed by Aquaman next year. DC is also looking to release a string of solo movies and introduce multiple new characters in the future.


Photo source: YouTube/Comicstorian


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