Movie Theatres Are Declining To Show ‘Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension’

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Movie Theatres Are Declining To Show ‘Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension’
The Paranormal Activity has been refused to be showed in the movie theatres.

The sanction of the “Paranormal activity: The Ghost Dimension” has always left a mark on the box office and has been made with the minimum of the funds. While, the “Paranormal Activity” is going to release a new video on demand, the theatres are on the verge of refusing such a release.

According to Hollywood Reporter, due to a remonstration against a pact that has been made by the studio with many of the theatres, they are planning not to take the upcoming series in the sanction. This is the reason that this horror film will bow down to only 1400 theatres which, once had debuted in around 2883 theatres last year, according to the Digital Spy.


This step will make the studios very cautious of the upcoming replica that Paramount is heading to, but they would probably be able to cover up the entire amount the money that they would lose due to the reduction in the number of screens.

It is very obvious to feel that way because the grosses for the upcoming series just like the movie “Saw” has reduced so much that the sheen is away from the stars of the film.

Also, the theatres are neglecting the foremost part of the consensus, the video does not release within seventeen days till the theatrical release. Because the Video On Demand is taking over the theatrical release, there is much profit that can be seen coming on the way of Paramount. They will proceed over the amount of profit that they have agreed to give to the theatre as per the agreement with them.

This is not as mutinous as the VOD model which was released in 2006 by Steven Soderbergh but it is a kind of an imitation that could help to bring the product much faster on more of the theatre screens and make money. Had the theatres tried a lot to withstand it, then this replica could not turn out so successful.

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