MovieBob Analyzes Sam Raimi’s ‘Spiderman’ To See Why It Was Such a Classic! [WATCH]

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
MovieBob Analyzes Sam Raimi’s ‘Spiderman’ To See Why It Was Such a Classic! [WATCH]

For those who grew up in the nineties, Sam Raimi’s Spiderman series were the beginning of the superhero era. Sure, there had been many movies that were built based on the Superman saga and Batman had also been around since the 80’s, but Sam Raimi’s Spiderman series felt different. Youtube celebrity video magazine, moviebob, analyzed the first two movies based on Spiderman and came up with the reasons why Sam Raimi’s Spiderman was so great.

The total hour-long analysis can be watched below. Kotaku reports that the writer at moviebob analyzed the first two movies in the franchise to see if they were “really that good.” The popular notion that most people have about classics is that their aura fades over time. What sounds like a classic in this decade often begins to look like trash by the time the next generation of movie nerds grow up.


So moviebob analyzed the movie in earnest to see if the first two Spiderman movies would stand the test of time. As it turns out, Sam Raimi did a really good job of working on the characters and the backgrounds of the films so that the two movies tell the story in a magically seamless continuous way which is sorely missing in many of the later movies, including the third part of the trilogy, which felt a little disjunct in the grand scheme of affairs.

Sam Raimi was also careful to develop Spiderman’s character as a nerd, taking into account the fact that most of his audience who were going to turn up at the movie theaters to watch the movie would be luckless twenty somethings who had grown up loving the comic books and the Marvel Universe. So, Spiderman was etched out as the character they had grown up loving. Sam Raimi made sure that the fan boys could relate to the character.


In the final analysis, moviebob gave the movies two thumbs up and branded them certified classics that heralded the age of superhero movies and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What’s your opinion on the subject? Do you think the movies deserve to be labelled classics? Sound off in the comments section below.

Photo Source: Facebook / Sam Raimi’s Spiderman

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