Moving Trucks Spotted at Julia Roberts- Danny Modor’s Home: Fuels Split Rumour

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Moving Trucks Spotted at Julia Roberts- Danny Modor’s Home: Fuels Split Rumour

Radar Online reported that the sighting of moving trucks were spotted at the California home of Julia Roberts and Danny Modor. This incident triggered the possibility of a split between another ‘It’ couple of Hollywood. Read on for more details.

Speculation revolves around that Danny is shifting from the house in Malibu and it’s the financial annoyance to force the hot pair to head for splitsville. (via Life & Stlye Weekly)

An insider claimed that the couple were gradually alienated from each other and was facing an estranged union that might stem from a series of financial nightmares. Assumption is Roberts has allegedly been forced to dispense to fix up Modor’s personal and professional turmoil. The source elaborated that Roberts has subsidized millions of dollars in mortgage payments for Modor’s father and she has been footing the bills of diverse sorts for last five years that led her to frustration.

The fact is the moving vans were spotted just in the following hours after Julia, Hollywood’s “Pretty Woman” attended her Givenchy runway show at New York Fashion Week, which was supposed to be her first ever fashion show in her fifteen year career. Before leaving for New York, the 47-years-old “Noting Hill” actress was spotted spending quality time with her three kids at the Malibu Carnival.

It needs time to see, whether only the financial scandals or there lies something else, to lead Roberts’ thirteen years of marriage with her photographer husband on the brink of divorce.

But back in December the source admitted to Radar: “It became a bone of contention between her and Danny,” from where the troubled-marriage hinted an option of split. Even in February 2015, Modor was not seen to attend the funeral of Roberts’ mother that spelled the doom of their marriage.

This summer incidentally witnesses heartbreaking splits in Hollywood. Time will speak if Roberts and Modor joins the league of Jennifer Garner-Ben Affleck and Blake Shelton-Miranda Lambert.

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Photo source: Facebook/juliaroberts


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