Mozart in the Jungle: Mozart With the Bacon

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Mozart in the Jungle: Mozart With the Bacon
Saffron Burrows at 43rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

“Mozart in the Jungle” Season 1 Episode 8 “Mozart With the Bacon” aired on Dec. 23, 2014 on Amazon. In this episode, the celebrated pianist, Winslow Elliot (Wallace Shawn), confronted Maestro Rodrigo de Souza (Gael Garcia Bernal) on why his performance for the opening night was postponed by asking for an explanation. He then helped Rodrigo to figure out what exactly he did want for the performance of the season’s opening night.  Hailey Ruttledge (Lola Kirke) began her oboe lessons with Betty Cragdale (Debra Monk). Meanwhile, Cynthia (Saffron Burrows) was tasked by Claire Pembridge to retrieve former Maestro Thomas Pembridge (Malcolm McDowell) from Cuba, as he had run out of medication, and she believed that he needed medical attention. While this happened, during her oboe lesson with Marlin Oscar Guggenheim IV, Hailey unpleasantly discovered that he wasn’t who he said that he was. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with Winslow Elliot (Wallace Shawn), who had been hypnotized by his psychologist as part of his treatment. Afterwards, he gave him two tickets to the opening night of the New York Symphony Orchestra. Meanwhile, Gloria Windsor (Bernadette Peters) couldn’t understand why Maestro Rodrigo de Souza (Gael Garcia Bernal) postponed Winslow Elliot’s performance, as he was one of the greatest pianists. She then told him that nobody seemed to want to work with him as people thought that he was insane, especially as he kept changing the program. He then told her that he always went with what his heart told him to do and told her not to worry. They were then interrupted by Sharon (Jennifer Kim), who informed Gloria that Claire Pembridge had sent over the luggage with a letter explaining what to do with it.

Meanwhile, Hailey Ruttledge (Lola Kirke) began her first oboe lesson with Betty Cragdale (Debra Monk). She was asked to play a piece from an elementary exercise book and was surprised when she was corrected even if Betty was talking to someone on the phone.

In Gloria’s office, Gloria read Claire’s letter in front of Cynthia (Saffron Burrows), as the letter had been addressed to both of them. After insulting them, she informed them that Thomas was currently in Cuba and that he had run out of medication. She believed that someone had to get him back to New York to receive medical attention as he was experiencing a melt down.

Meanwhile, Hailey was surprised to learn that Marlin Oscar Guggenheim IV had sent her a check for $1,000 for two oboe lessons. Encouraged by her roommate, Lizzie Campbell (Hannah Dunne), she decided to call him up while Lizzie went to encash the check.

At the concert hall, Winslow confronted Rodrigo and demanded an explanation about why he had been dismissed after slapping him in the face. He then realized Rodrigo needed help in figuring out the truth more than he did and decided to hypnotize him, just like his therapist did. While he was under, Rodrigo heard a violin playing and saw Ana Maria, who later on hit him hard on the head with a violin. He woke up violently, which startled Winslow. He then told Rodrigo that he kept on saying a woman’s name. Rodrigo then realized that he wanted Ana Maria to play the Sibelius Violin Concerto and thanked and hugged Winslow for helping him figure out what they should play.

Meanwhile, Hailey was shocked to learn that Marlin had bought her dream oboe — an oboe with gold keys. She then assured him that no one was ever good the first time that they play. She then told him to soak the reed more and that afterwards, they would make wonderful music. He then told her that he was ready but needed to go and take a shower first, which Hailey found strange. Lizzie then burst in and informed Hailey that Marlin was an impostor, which they confirmed when they discovered several different passports in his bag. Hailey then got the shock of her life when she discovered that he was stark naked in her bed save for his oboe. She then told him to leave, and he left the oboe with her, which she proceeded to clean thoroughly and called it Kimberly.

Back at the concert hall, Winslow and Rodrigo enjoyed some sandwiches together and parted on good terms, with Winslow telling him that they would play together one day.

Meanwhile, Cynthia traveled to Cuba, where she discovered that Thomas had let himself go and survived on the music of bongo drums and coconut water. At his room, to her amazement, she discovered that he had managed to finish his masterpiece in less than a week. He then told her that he didn’t want to go back and told her that the New York Symphony was poison. She then gave him his medication and informed him that she was supposed to bring him back, but she couldn’t because she herself did not recognize him at that moment. She then left and told him to come back soon. The next morning, instead of drinking coconut water, he drank some alcohol and stared out into the rain.

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