Mozart in the Jungle Recap: Opening Night

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Mozart in the Jungle Recap: Opening Night
Saffron Burrows at 43rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

“Mozart in the Jungle” Season 1 Episode 10 “Opening Night” aired on Dec. 23, 2014 on Amazon. In this episode, pressure mounted as the last few difficult rehearsals with Ana Maria came around. Meanwhile, Hailey Ruttledge (Lola Kirke) encountered a difficult question which her boyfriend posed and became emotional after her teacher, Betty Cragdale (Debra Monk), informed her that she would never be good enough to play in an orchestra. As opening night came around, everyone was floored as problem after problem came up, which resulted in a very interesting and beautiful opening night for everyone. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened in Hailey Ruttledge’s (Lola Kirke) bedroom where her boyfriend, Alex (Peter Vack), questioned whether they should continue on pursuing their dreams to have a career in the arts. She then told him that it did matter to her and left for work.

During their last rehearsal, the night before the opening night, Ana Maria played well but constantly stopped as she kept on fighting with Maestro Rodrigo de Souza (Gael Garcia Bernal). While they took a break, Cynthia (Saffron Burrows) tried to avoid looking at Union Bob (Mark Blum), and Hailey asked Betty Cragdale (Debra Monk) if she would ever be good enough to play in an orchestra like her. Betty then informed her that she would never be good enough and apologized for telling her the truth. This made Hailey cry. Meanwhile, Ana Maria scolded Rodrigo and told him that he had gotten soft and that she found it difficult to see that he was so changed. Afterwards, when he asked Hailey to make her a mate, he realized that something was wrong and learned that Betty had told her that she was not good enough to ever play in the orchestra. Rodrigo then reassured her that this orchestra wasn’t Betty’s, but his. He then decided to dismiss the orchestra and told them that he would have some cars pick them up for the opening night.

When she got back home, Hailey was surprised to see that her roommate, Lizzie (Hannah Dunne), had sold everything and had bought two suitcases for them to travel around the world together. She then sat down and told Lizzie that she was right, that she didn’t know what she was really doing here.

The next day, Rodrigo was surprised to see Thomas Pembridge (Malcolm McDowell) staring at the hall. He then asked if he would be attending the performance, but Thomas did not reply to him. Meanwhile, Hailey tried to play her oboe in her room but decided not to.

Later that night, backstage, after Cynthia downed some pills, she confronted Bob, who told her that he understood the fact that they would never talk about what had happened that Saturday night again. However, problems were starting to arise as no one had seen Betty, whose limousine driver had brought her to an entirely different area.

As guests started to come, Gloria Windsor (Bernadette Peters) was happy to see Thomas again.

Backstage, Hailey wished Cynthia luck and went to give Rodrigo his mate.

In the audience area, Lizzie turned up and sat beside Bradford Sharp, who easily started to become attracted to her and, later on, asked her out on a date.

When Hailey went to give Rodrigo his mate, he told her that Betty wouldn’t be able to make the performance and that they needed an extra player. He then told her that Lizzie had brought her oboe for her and that it wasn’t about him or her — it was that they really did need an oboe player. She then headed towards the stage and tuned her oboe.

As soon as Ana Maria walked on the stage, Rodrigo followed. They were greeted by loud cheers and by Thomas, who was cheering Rodrigo on. Ana Maria then started to play then stopped and told Rodrigo that she couldn’t play for an audience full of wealthy scum and asked him to leave with her. However, he refused. After she walked out, he admitted that she had been right about his ego, but he knew that he could still listen to Sibelius and this orchestra. He also reassured them that they weren’t third rate and told them that they could still achieve great things together. He then gave the solo piece to Warren Boyd and took a chair in the violin sections. He then handed over his baton to Thomas so that he could conduct the piece.

Backstage, everyone clapped for Thomas, but he refused to take up the baton again, as it really was Rodrigo’s. Rodrigo then congratulated Hailey, and they kissed passionately, much to Rodrigo’s surprise. Betty then came to congratulate Hailey and told her that she was okay and that she would see her on Saturday for another lesson. Lizzie then came to her and hugged her hard, as it was Hailey’s debut.

Cynthia then went to Thomas, who promised to stop drinking, and he told her to stop taking pills, as he had noticed that her playing was a little bit different. Meanwhile, everyone congratulated Warren Boyd for taking up the solo on the spot.

Alex then showed up and congratulated Hailey. They then kissed lightly, and while Alex was talking, Hailey looked at Rodrigo, who smiled at her.

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