Mozart in the Jungle Recap: You Go to My Head

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Mozart in the Jungle Recap: You Go to My Head
Saffron Burrows at 43rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

“Mozart in the Jungle” Season 1 Episode 7 “You Go To My Head” on Dec. 23, 2014 on Amazon. In this episode, Maestro Rodrigo de Souza (Gael Garcia Bernal), accompanied by his assistant Hailey Ruttledge (Lola Kirke), attended a fundraiser gala for the New York Symphony Orchestra, where they were greeted by patrons and members of the board. There, Cynthia (Saffron Burrows) and a few other musicians from the orchestra performed. Rodrigo met a little angel who played the flute beautifully and was challenged to play the violin by Edward Biben (Brennan Brown), one of the board members of the orchestra. In fulfilling the maestro’s assignment to explore and experience, she gained an interesting wealthy acquaintance and was shocked to discover her roommate Lizzie’s (Hannah Dunne) aristocratic roots. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with Cynthia (Saffron Burrows), Union Bob (Mark Blum), Warren Boyd (Joel Bernstein), Svetlana and Hailey Ruttledge (Lola Kirke) pulling up into the driveway of Bunny, where a fundraising gala for the orchestra was being held. Cynthia, Bob, Svetlana and Warren were to play in the garden, while Hailey had come along as Maestro Rodrigo de Souza (Gael Garcia Bernal) was invited and required to attend. There, they were greeted by Bunny and Gloria Windsor (Bernadette Peters), the chairperson of the members of the board. As they walked into the house, Rodrigo told Hailey that it was high time that he honor his responsibilities towards Hailey. In line with this, he gave her two assignments — the first was to get him an Arnold Palmer, a drink that he had just discovered; and the second one, which was the most important one, was that she should explore, experience and search for inspiration in order to gain some dimension as that was important in order to be a good musician.

After Hailey had gotten him his drink, he watched a little girl named Alice play the silver flute beautifully. He wanted to talk to her after her performance but was prevented to do so by other guests who immediately pounced on him asking for advice, pictures and autographs.

As Hailey was walking around, she was shocked to find her roommate, Lizzie (Hannah Dunne), getting medication from a sweet old lady who did not know any better. She informed Lizzie that she was there for work, and Lizzie revealed that Bunny and her mother had been friends for years and that she knew every nook and cranny in the house as she had been going to that house for parties and dinners ever since she was little. To demonstrate that, she opened a hidden opening in the bookshelf, exposing two teenagers arranging firecrackers. She was then recognized by a classmate of hers, Evan Byers, who called her by her real name — Elizabeth Campbell. She then revealed to Hailey that she was actually embarrassed of her aristocratic lineage. After Hailey informed Lizzie that she was there to explore and experience, she asked about Marlin Oscar Guggenheim IV, as he seemed to be interesting. After introducing them to each other, Lizzie left them to talk.

Meanwhile, the maid brought Cynthia and the others to the kitchen where they were given dried tuna sandwiches and were informed that they could not interact or speak to any of the guests. This shocked Rodrigo, who had come into the kitchen to ask if they had seen a little angel who played the flute beautifully,  who could not believe that he, as a guest, could not even ask what they were going to be playing that night. He then decided to get a tray of caviar and fed everyone. He then told them to follow him to get proper food because if one wanted“to play like a god, one had to eat like one.  As they walked out, Claire, Thomas Pembridge’s (Malcolm McDowell) wife, spotted Cynthia and commented on how she had abandoned her old maestro already. While they were playing in the garden, Gloria tried to ask Edward Biben (Brennan Brown), one of the board members of the orchestra, to stop spreading rumors that they would bring Thomas back for the next season. As Gloria walked away, Claire told her that she was insulted that Cynthia had been allowed to play for the gala.

Meanwhile, Hailey informed Marlin that she wasn’t in love with Rodrigo, but that working with him is amazing. However, she only wished that she could play her oboe for him. She then revealed to him that she felt like a ticking time bomb, as most oboists had their big break before turning 30, and she was already 26 years old.

Inside the house, Gloria started the bidding for the honor to play the triangle during one of their numbers. Rodrigo then informed Cynthia that he still hadn’t found his little angel and wondered out loud whether they raise money to make music or if it was the other way around. However, he admitted that everything made sense when they hear and watch a girl such as Alice play the flute well. Edward then told everyone that he would give $ 200,000 to hear Rodrigo play the violin and taunted Rodrigo with the fact that he is fickle minded when it comes to deciding what to play. Because of this, Rordrigo played “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” on his violin and asked for $ 300,000 in order for Edward to guess who composed a variation of the song. After he played it, Edward admitted that he could not guess who composed it and was surprised to learn that it had been composed by Mozart himself. They were then interrupted by firecrackers, which were set off by Evan and his young friends.

Afterwards, Evan told Lizzie that he had never forgotten the time in which she had defied the norm during one class Halloween by dressing up as Billy Holiday. He remembered it as she had had a white flower in hair and sang “You Go to My Head.”

Meanwhile, Hailey revealed to Marlin why she had chosen to play the oboe. She told him that she had seen someone play it when she was younger and because of her insistence that she wanted a little black stick, her mother gave her one. She also revealed that by the time she was eight, she was practicing five hours a day and felt like an alien until she met the other aliens. Now, she was trying to join the mother ship — the New York Symphony Orchestra. He then told her that she was easy to listen to and asked if she could teach him how to play the oboe, even for just one song.

Inside the house, Rodrigo finally encountered Alice, who was petting a horse who had come into the house. He then informed her that talented people such as herself would have to sacrifice everything for music. She then revealed to him that when she plays for herself, she doesn’t think at all. And when the piece is over, it seems like waking up from a dream. He then congratulated Alice’s mother for having such a talented daughter and told her to reach out to him if they needed any help.

 The next morning, Lizzie sang “You Go to My Head” for Evan, with a white flower in hair. Hailey then greeted the maestro good morning. Rodrigo, who had been playing football with some new acquaintances, decided to show off a trick kick to Hailey, which resulted in him landing on his nose. In the ambulance, he asked her if she had accomplished her tasks. She then told him that she had completed all of her assignments and informed him that she had also found some inspiration. Because of this, Rodrigo told her that everything had been worth it.

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