MP Mermaid Ray Rudely Refuses to Answer ‘Goldcoast’ Cable Car Questions From Journalist [WATCH VIDEO]

By Sandip Pal | 3 years ago
MP Mermaid Ray Rudely Refuses to Answer ‘Goldcoast’ Cable Car Questions From Journalist [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia commons/Barrylb | Mermaid Beach, Queensland, Australia

From the looks of it, seems that MP Stevens was already prepared with what was to come. Such a disgraceful display of his character brought out his hideous monetary gain plans. Even though he refused to comment on any of the questions, his demeanor was eloquent enough for the audience to gauge what is in his mind.

After IA Editor David Donovan was done interviewing Mermaid Beach candidates Gary Pead from the Australian Labor Party and Alex Caraco from the Palmer United Party, he tried to correspond with Mermaid Ray Stevens from the Liberal National Party of Queensland to speak to him regarding the 16-year-old proposition to build a $100-million cable car project in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

This “Goldcoast Skyride” cable car development plan was severely criticized by the green groups who claims it threatens natural environment. Moreover, it was finally nixed by the Beattie Government, as a ban was imposed on any kind of commercial enterprise in national parks. This ban was abandoned by the Liberal National Party of Queensland while Stevens being an MP and an assistant minister in the Newman(LNP) government.

Now the big question is  whether “Mermaid” is all set to gain millions now because of some unforeseen Newman Government change of laws. He has been avoiding all journalists who intend to speak to him about the matter. There are several questions that he needs to answer for his voters to know and clear the clouds. Did the amendments in the Nature Conservation Act come to pass because of the constant internal government lobbying by Mermaid Ray? Was he a part of the ministry when these amendments were being made? If he was, wouldn’t it be a case of corruption? Again, something worth noting in this context is after the changes in the Newman government, the new Crime and Misconduct Commission have been deprived of the authority to scrutinize the MPs, whereas earlier, during the Joe Bjelke Peterson era cases of political corruption would be heavily looked into per the CMC guidelines. Therefore, another question that has to be addressed is whether or not Mermaid pressed a campaign for the changes in the Crime and Misconduct Commission(CMC) guidelines, because he was thoroughly aware of the changes in the Nature Conservation Act.

“It is extraordinary for a person to be both a proponent and shareholder in a project and part of the government which will be considering the project,said Barrister Alex McKean. According to him, if this has been the case, then the government without a doubt was surely using a “different definition of conflict of interest,” which was not juxtaposed with the common way of doing things, and that it was sheer flawed.

Whatever be the case, Mr. Stevens does not want to release the integrity commissioner’s advice. As Donovan befittingly puts it, “Mr. Steven’s do you have something to hide?”

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Barrylb


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