Mr. Robot Pilot Recap: Hellofriend

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Mr. Robot Pilot Recap: Hellofriend
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Mr. Robot” Season 1 Episode 1 “Hellofriend” aired last Monday, May 27, 2015 on the official website of USA Network, and is available online until June 25, 2015. In this episode, Elliot (Rami Malek), an anti-social hacker vigilante by night and cyber security engineer by day, who believed that the world is controlled by the “top one percent of the one percent”, struggled with a world-changing decision after he was recruited by a mysterious hacker society led by “Mr. Robot” (Christian Slater).  Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Elliot (Rami Malek) telling his imaginary friend that he believed that the world was run by a huge conspiracy orchestrated by the “top one percent of the one percent”, whom he thinks is following him. He then told his friend that instead of going to his best friend Angela Moss’ (Portia Doubleday) birthday party, he went to Ron’s Coffee Shop and confronted the owner. He discovered the owner  was distributing child pornography and despite being anti-social, confronted him in person before he was arrested.

On the subway, he saw the men in black who were following him, and a man, who talked to him.

The next day, at work, he agreed to look over the logs as their biggest client, a worldwide conglomerate he called “Evil Corp”, whose account was managed by Angela, had been hacked. He then apologized to Angela for not going to her birthday celebration. He tried to interact with her boyfriend, who wanted them to be friends.

Afterwards, he went to see his therapist, Krista Gordon (Gloria Reuben), who was dating a man named Michael Hansen (Armand Schultz), and as usual, didn’t say a thing. However, he told Krista that he respected her as she truly didn’t want him to be lonely. He then stalked them. While doing so, he discovered that the men in black, and the man on the train were following him.

Later that night, he tried hacking into Hansen’s profile, and after crying out of loneliness, took some morphine and hooked up with his drug dealer. However, he was called over back to work, at All Safe, as Evil Corp had been hacked with DDOS attack which used a unique RootKit. After discovering that they were actually spreading the virus everytime they tried to shut it down and reboot the system, he and his boss, Gideon (Michael Gill), flew to Dulles in order to shut down the system from the data server farm. There, he managed to stop it from spreading by isolating the infected server from the rest of the systems by redirecting the traffic. Afterwards, he discovered that the attack was from somebody called fsociety, and discovered that they were asking him to leave it there. He then reconfigured the .dat file so that only he would have access to it.

Back at home, on the empty train, he saw the man on the train, who wore a Mr. Robot patch (Christian Slater) on his jacket. He told him to follow him if he didn’t delete the file. Afterwards, Mr. Robot brought him to an abandoned amusement park arcade on Coney Island where the F Society hackers worked on a project.

Later that night, Elliot discovered that Mr. Robot had expertly hid all traces of F Society or himself online. After collecting some data on them. After burning the RootKit file onto a CD, he went back and told Mr. Robot that he was going to turn them in.

However, Mr. Robot told him that he wanted him to place the IP address of Terry Colby (Bruce Altman), the head of Evil Corp’s technology division, into the .dat file to make it seem like the attack had originated from his terminal. He then told Elliot that this was the first step in tearing down Evil Corp and the conspiracy. He wanted to orchestrated a revolution- “the biggest wealth distribution” in the world, by crashing the financial market so that all the debts owed to Evil Corp would go up in smoke. The next day, Terry asked him to tell and the FBI what happened instead of Angela, who became so upset at him that she didn’t talk to him for a month. Elliot then gave them the packet that pointed to Terry as the culprit.

However, over the next nineteen days, as nothing was happening, and as Mr. Robot and F Society seemingly disappeared, he hacked Hansen and after discovering that he was cheating on his wife with Krista, forced him to confess everything to her.

Back at work, Elliot apologized to Angela. They then discovered that Terry had been arrested as the attack had seemingly come from his computer terminal. He then went outside and raised his arms in victory. He was stopped short after several men in black came and took him to a board room meeting of the power brokers in the world. Then, to his surprise, he was greeted by Tyrell, the Senior Vice President of the Technology Division of Evil Corp, who had befriended him during one of Evil Corps meetings with All Safe a month back.

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Catch “Mr. Robot” when it premieres on Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network.

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