Mr. Robot Recap: eps1.5_br4ve-trave1er.asf

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Mr. Robot Recap: eps1.5_br4ve-trave1er.asf
Mr Robot

Mr. Robot” Season 1 Episode 6 “eps1.5_br4ve-trave1er.asf” aired last Wednesday, July 29, 2015,  at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network. In this episode,  Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) must against time to save Shayla (Frankie Shaw) and Darlene (Carly Chaiken) by successfully breaking Fernando Vera (Elliot Villar) out of jail. Meanwhile, Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallstrom) seethed at being defeated by Scott Knowles (Brian Stokes Mitchell) and Angela Moss (Portia Doubleday) decided to begin fighting back against Evil Corp.   Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) and Shayla (Frankie Shaw) at a diner. After talking for a few minutes, Shayla was taken away by Fernando Vera’s (Elliot Villar) brother, Isaac (Rick Gonzales). He was escorted to a room with a telephone. Upon answering the phone, Vera told him that in order to get Shayla back, Elliot would have to hack into the prison and free Vera.

At his apartment, he hacked into Isaac’s phone, and managed to get Darlene (Carly Chaiken) to drop some USBs in front of a police station. Once it was inserted into one of the station computers, Elliot could gain access to it. However, as Darlene didn’t have much time to create the malware, as soon as the USB was yanked out, Elliot was out of the station’s system. He then met up with Darlene on the pretense of walking his dog. They were caught, and Darlene was forced up into Elliot’s apartment as well.

Meanwhile, Angela Moss (Portia Doubleday) did more research on the Washington Township scandal. It claimed the lives of Elliot’s father and her mother and tracked down one of the lawyers who represented the victims- Antara Nayar (Sakina Jaffrey). However, Nayar told her that she would need a reliable witness inside Evil Corp to go against them for the case to actually stand a chance in court. Because of this, Angela went to Elliot for reassurance, who reassured her quickly, so that he could get her out of harm’s way. However, upon coming up, he encountered Mr. Robot (Christian Slater). He told him that there was no way that there would be an outcome in which Shayla and Elliot would come out unscathed. However, instead of fleeing, Elliot decided to fight and decided to visit Vera in prison.

While this happened, Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallstrom) realized that he had been defeated by the new Chief Technology Officer of Evil Corp, Scott Knowles (Brian Stokes Mitchell). However, his wife reassured him that since Scott’s wife was a little bit willing to give herself to Tyrell, they know knew her weakness- she wanted “to be wanted.”

After Angela left Elliot’s, she had gone to Terry Colby’s to confront him. However, he didn’t say anything after realizing that he was under house arrest.

At the prison, Elliot told Vera that he would break him out that night, as he was going to find a way to hack in and open all the cell doors. It was thanks to a program on his phone that was currently running. He then told Vera that he had hacked into Isaac’s phone and had taken over all of his operations, which he would leak to the police if Vera did anything to him and Shayla once Vera got out. He then realized that he could use a police car’s computer in order to get into the system.

Afterwards, Isaac pulled aside and almost shot Elliot. He was stopped as Elliot realized that Isaac had wanted Vera dead. He said that the only way he would get away with his murder without any repercussions on him was to kill him when he was out of prison already.

Later, Darlene distracted a police officer in a car in front of the station while Elliot hacked into his computer. After they let Darlene go, he ran the program, which worked well, as Vera was able to get out at exactly 9:49 p.m.

Once outside, Vera had his other man kill Isaac so that he wouldn’t be a liability to him any longer. She told Elliot that he could do anything that he wanted to Vera, as it wouldn’t matter anymore. He then revealed that Shayla had been in the trunk all long, as they had slit her throat before putting her in.

After crying for a while, Elliot walked away from the prison.

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