MTV’s ‘Awkward’ Season 5 New Updates: Ending High School with a Bang!

By April Lara | 2 years ago
MTV’s ‘Awkward’ Season 5 New Updates: Ending High School with a Bang!
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Thanks to the Television Critics Association summer press tour 2015, we get to hear some new and juicy details on MTV’s “Awkward” Season 5. The show hasn’t been giving out too much updates on the upcoming season of the series for months and now, there are some new stuff to share!

First off, let’s start with the good news that “Awkward” has released an extended synopsis for Season 5 that gives us the gist of what to expect this season:

“In the first  half of ‘Awkward’s’ fifth season, Jenna and her friends’ experience at Palos Hills High is almost over. Everyone’s already gotten into college and there’s the sense that anything can happen. When Jenna unwittingly gets school cancelled during a class prank, she becomes popular – just as Matty experience life on the social outs for the first time. As always, Jenna and Matty are drawn toward each other, but with college looming just a few months away, it’s harder than ever to decide whether they should be together. For all the characters, actions have more adult consequences than ever before: friendships will be tested to the breaking point, relationships will end, and the gang will have to say goodbye to each other and to Palos Hills. The season builds to the twin milestone of prom and graduation where Jenna will have to decide once and for all: can she and Matty make it work?

With high school ending and everyone heading dow different tracks, the second half of the fifth season will jump forward to one year to summer in Palos Hills after their first year of post-grad life.”

There you have it! “Awkward” Season 5 will be split into two parts and it is really nice to know that we get to see their lives for a couple of episodes after high school. It would be great to see how the gang is taking their first year of college and how they are all coping. There are so much to look forward to!

“Awkward” Season 5 returns to MTV on August 31, 2015.

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