‘Mulan’ Live-action Movie News: Jenna Ushkowitz Replaces Ming Na Wen

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘Mulan’ Live-action Movie News: Jenna Ushkowitz Replaces Ming Na Wen

“Mulan” is truly turning out to be a movie made for the fans. The fans went wild when Disney first announced a live action movie. Then they found out that an actress of American descent was going to play the lead and all hell broke lose. Fans were so upset by the decision to cast an American actress in the lead that they started a petition to change the lead actress. Apparently, the idea worked and Jenna Ushkowitz is going to play Mulan in the movie.

MailOnline reported that even though Ming Na Wen had been the voice of Mulan in the two animated movies, she was refused the role, because the fans demanded that a Chinese actress in the role of Mulan. Ming Na Wen is a Macau American actress and is therefore, not eligible to play a Chinese woman, the fans claimed in a petition to the producers. Readers will remember that Macau is a small island just off the coast of China. The majority of people in Macau speak Chinese and Portugese. Jenna Ushkowitz is of Korean descent, and that means that she is also not Chinese.


The petition was signed by over seventy thousand fans and the production house eventually bowed down and changed the cast. It is not clear how a Korean actress looks more Chinese than a Macau actress. We think that Ming Na Wen was denied the role because of her age. Or it might just be a numbers game. You get 70000 people to sign your petition, you get the studio to do anything.

In other words, people forced the artists to change their conception about the protagonist’s face in the movie. They had conceived her to be of Chinese origin and now they have to deal with a Korean featured actress.

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