Multiple Artists, Groups To Stage Their Comeback in November; Will 2NE1 Return Too?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Multiple Artists, Groups To Stage Their Comeback in November; Will 2NE1 Return Too?
November Is The Month Of Rebirth For KPOP Industry; Multiple Artists And Groups To Stage Their Comeback In This Period; Will 2NE1 Return Too?

Hallyu Wave keeps on rocking worldwide with the K-drama, Korean movies, and KPOP songs from different artists and celebrities that fans surely love. This November, fans are in for more treats from the KPOP industry because a lot of artists is about to have their comeback alongside with the releases of their new album. Is 2NE1 included too?

According to AllKPop, the days that have passed and the remaining days will feature several groups to return to the entertainment industry. The fans are pretty much thrilled with the news, especially they really want to see their favorites back. Some of them have already returned in past few days, including RaNia, Brown Eyed Girls, VIXX, and Jay Park. So who are the other groups that fans expect?

This coming November 16, Monday, iKON will say hello once again as they also will release their new double digital single. B.A.P will likewise do their return on this same day and present to fans their fourth mini-album. Aside from them, the Dynamic Duo will have their comeback too on November 17, Tuesday through the release of their latest studio album.


Of cource, EXID fans will no longer have to wait about the hiatus of their idols as they return with a new digital single slated for November 18, Wednesday. Their teaser poster has jumbled letters in it. Could it possibly be the title of their next song or album? Meanwhile, on November 30, an all-boy group will also have their comeback and they will give their fans an early Christmas gift of music video and album. This is simply how cool Bangtan Boys or BTS are.

Among the teaser that were released, the most anticipated is for the iconic 2NE1. Although, there have been no direct confirmation, many hoped that the clues from YG Entertainment’s “Who’s Next?” poster refers to them as reported in another article from AllKPop. Other downplayed the idea and thought that it could also be about CL’s career.

With all these events for November alone, KPOP fans such as the Blackjacks of 2NE1 can’t wait to pull the days faster.

Photo Source: 2NE1/Facebook

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