‘The Mummy’ is Going to Return with Tom Cruise Starrer Reboot

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
‘The Mummy’ is Going to Return with Tom Cruise Starrer Reboot
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Tom Cruise has spent most of his acting career running from (and sometimes to) things. Consider his breathtaking “Mission Impossible” series, where, as Ethan Hunt, he must run to save the world. But this time Cruise is going to be running to save himself- from ‘the Mummy.’

Your childhood favorite monster flick starring your childhood crush Rachel Weisz is getting a reboot: “the Mummy” is truly going to return, and this time with Tom Cruise (which should not surprise you, because, really, everything is getting a reboot these days).


According to the latest report by Variety, Cruise is in talks to join the film, which is set to start filming early next year. Alex Kurtzman will be directing the film, with Chris Morgan coming on board as the producer. the duo were tapped by Universal last summer to develop the studio’s new “Monster’s Universe”- which will be a set of loosely interconnected movies featuring the famous monsters of screen. The universe will also contain the ilk of Godzilla and King Kong, in front of whom poor Imhotep the Mummy is vastly powerless. But hey, at least he has got his giant face in the sand thing, and that is pretty cool.

According to sources, the movie will be based in the present day, setting it apart from all the other Mummy films. No word on whether Brendan Fraser will be returning to his old character, but that would be the coolest thing of all time. Cruise, according to rumors, will be playing a massive role in promoting the ‘Monsters Universe’ and perhaps the first step of that journey begins with “the Mummy.”

In the meantime, Cruise is doing some of his regular running as he films the “Jack Reacher” sequel, after which he will be jumping to “the Mummy” and then sprinting to the next installment of the never ending “Mission Impossible” franchise. Say what you will about him, Tom Cruise knows how to run.

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