Murder in the First Recap: Bruja Blanca

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Murder in the First Recap: Bruja Blanca
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“Murder in the First” Season 2 Episode 9 “Bruja Blanca” aired last Monday, August 3, 2015 at 10:00 PM on TNT. In this episode, while the Dustin Maker (Matteus Ward) trial continues in full swing, Jamie Nelson (Laila Robbins) faced a big personal problem of her own. Meanwhile, the Homicide Department is placed under observation after Commander Michael Criolla’s (Billy Malone) death, a murder that Homicide Inspector Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson) believed was connected to the Union. Later, after her brother is threatened once more, Hildy decided that she would do anything it took to bring them down. Read on to learn more about this episode.

While Homicide Inspector Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson) and Homicide Lieutenant Jim Koto (Ian Anthony Dale) watched the security footage of the murder of Commander Michael Criolla (Billy Malone), Aaron Mazur (Adam Kulbersh) and Jamie Nelson (Laila Robbins) prepared for a day in court at the Dustin Maker (Matteus Ward) trial. However, before leaving the hotel room, Jamie, to her surprise, received a brown paper envelope with divorce papers from her wife, Holly (Ingrid Rogers). L

At court, Gang Task Force Unit Officer Raffi Veracruz (Emmanuelle Chriqui) watched as Homicide Lieutenant Inspector Terry English (Taye Diggs) gave his testimony of the day of the school bus attack, and later hooked up with Raffi. Afterwards, Raffi mentioned to him that she had told Anthony “Suger” Cascade (Mo McRae) that Criolla had falsely had Suger’s sister incarcerated.

Meanwhile, Suger began the process of having a third of his legal assets liquidated.

After the proceedings of the day, Jamie contacted Holly, who agreed to meet her later that night.

Back at the station, Hildy told her brother,  Marty “Junior” McCormack (A.J. Buckley) that she believed that the Union had ordered the hit on Criolla. They were then surprised to learn that Management Control had decided to conduct an audit on their performance, due to Criolla’s death. This led to Homicide Inspector Edgar Navarro (Lombardo Boyar) being scrutinized for taking several days off to sneak his brother into Mexico. Koto also was under fire from Chief Hernandez (Geoffrey Rivas) regarding Terry’s lead on the fact that Suger might be connected to Criolla’s murder. Later, Koto became a little bit disappointed to discover that Suger wasn’t connected to Criolla’s death as Terry knew, based on his interview with Suger, that he didn’t do it. However, Navarro and Homicide Inspector David Molk (Raphael Sbarge) discovered that the assassin who had killed Criolla had been used before by the Menendez Cartel and was known as the “Bruja Blanca” or the White Witch.

Back at the Maker trial, Mary Rentman (Laura Regan) related how Dustin had begun hanging around Alfie Rentman (Jimmy Bennett) more often after learning that she worked at the Modesto Military base. It was also revealed that she lived on the top floor of their triplex, and locked her apartment doors as she was scared of her own son.

Later, thanks to a witness who had come forward to Junior, Suger was arrested for the murder of John Lu, whose case Junior was handling. Before Suger was interrogated though, Terry pulled Raffi aside, and told her that he knew that Raffi was playing both sides, and told her to figure out which side she belonged on.

However, even if Junior’s collar was good, Suger was released on a one million bail. Later, while getting some records for the Cascade case, the guard on duty gave him a note from the Union, who demanded that he pay them by Friday, which was two days away. He wanted to pay them right away, but Hildy persuaded him to wait until Friday.

Later that night, Jamie was surprised to see that Holly had brought her lawyer along, and made a scene in public before walking out. However, this scene had been recorded by someone at the restaurant, and quickly went viral, which was how Chief Prosecutor Mario Siletti (Currie Graham) got to see it on YouTube.

Meanwhile, Hildy and Junior met up with their father, Martin John “Senior” McCormack (Josh Clark) so that he could explain the framework of the Union to them. He then advised them to be careful as they were a bunch of “dangerous cops”. However, Hildy corrected her father by saying that those “cops” were “criminals”, and that she was going to bring them all to justice.

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